My Star Wars Dream Casting Sheet

With the announcement of Disney purchasing Lucasfilm LTD on 10-30-12 they also announced an Episode VII is in the works for release in 2015 along with others to follow.  This is a Star Wars dream come true.  Some may have their “issues” with Disney but it can only be a good thing with my perspective.  This is a Dream Casting sheet if they decide to go the “re-cast” route.  Now, I guess it is possible to keep the main actors and push the story 20-30 years down the line but that still remains to be known.  And I would like to say that these characters are so iconic that it is almost impossible to have others fill their shoes.  But this is my attempt.  So, without further ado…

*note* this page will get updates when better thoughts come to mind.  🙂


Han Solo

Played by Sam Trammell


Lando Calrissian

Played by Mekhi Phifer


Luke Skywalker

Played by Michael C. Hall


Princess Leia Organa

Played by Rachel Bilson

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