Marvel Movie’s – In Development (ongoing updates)

Marvel Studios

This is a listing of all theatrical movie’s that are Marvel Related that are in all stages.  Rumor, Speculation, Script, Re-writes, Pre-Production, Filming, and finally Post production.

There has been Marvel comic adaptations ever since 1944 with the Captain America Serial.  Then there was a huge gap until 1986 when Howard the Duck was released.  A couple bad movies came out in between but in 1998 Blade was released and it was the beginning of Marvel Movie Madness!  The next film to come out was in 2000 in the form of Bryan Singer’s “X-Men”.  That is when it really took off.  Ever since then we’ve seen some horrible adaptations along with some Extraordinary takes on our favorite characters to hit the silver screen.  This will show you what Marvel has planned.

(Last Update:  4-18-13)

***Page UPDATE***  I am working on changing the format of this page.  It is a long arduous task so please be patient with me as I work to update you all.  Thank you -JD 9-30-13


Studio:  Marvel Studios

Release Date: 11-6-2015

Status:  “As close as it has ever been”  / IMDB

Buzz:    4-2-13:  The MCU Phase One Blu-Ray Box Set has some interesting tidbits.  Check it out. Click the date.

3-19-13:  The Test reel has finally been “leaked”.  Not bad but obviously test footage.

2-6-13:  Alan Tudyk has expressed that he has not been approached to play Hank Pym/Scott Lang.  Even with him & Joss’s prior working relationship he may still fit in somewhere.  I’m still hoping for Patrick Wilson myself.  Although I think Alan would make an excellent Hank.

10-22-12:  For a film that releases in 2015, having it start filming in 2013 doesn’t make much sense to me.  I guess they are going to working hard and long on this one.  Filming starts Jan. 2013.  Ant-Man will be a part of Phase 3.

10-15-12:  Marvel has given the Released Date of 11-6-2015.  This says to me that he will either be introduced in Avengers 2 or in his movie in 2015.  Which drives me crazy, because I just want to have Hank Pym a part of the Avengers like yesterday.

9-17-12:  Lous D’Esposito talks about the Test footage being released to the public.  “Yes, I think so. Edgar is just adding the finishing touches and then we will  once again make the final visual effects editing. The process is almost  complete. Then we will decide when and how we can make it available to the fans.  We are more than happy with it. He’s a great filmmaker and we look forward  to.”

7-14-12:  Edgar Wright showed off his Test Footage today at Comic Con.  Here’s a full description.  Also, They released an Ant-Man Logo/Title Card.  They haven’t confirmed the movie as being in Active Development but I’m guessing December 2013.

6-28-12:  Edgar Wright has apparently filmed some test footage for Ant-Man.  A Reel’s worth! (Test Reel)  He spent a week doing this in June to see how Ant-Man looked on screen and fine tuning.  Even though it’s not his next movie and nothing has been confirmed you really have to wonder where this movie fits in.  Are we going to see some test footage at this year’s comic-con?

4-24-12:  Kevin Feige says again in an Interview for the Avengers with Mark Ruffalo that Ant-Man will see some “advancement” this summer.

3-30-12:  Kevin Feige states that the movie is closer than it has ever been before in it’s 8 years of development.  He’s hoping for it to come together shortly.  **fingers crossed**

10-23-11:  Joe Cornish states that the script for “Ant-Man” is a standalone script not including any other Avengers.  Will this change before anything real starts to happen with this film?  Stay tuned!

9-27-11Kevin Feige said that in the movie THOR, Dr. Selvig mentions that he will email a “friend” about SHIELD taking their stuff.  He said that his Friend is “Hank Pym“.  They had it in the movie but felt that since they mentioned Gamma Radiation that people would confuse it with Banner so, they took it out.  The Ant-Man movie is still waiting to be green-lit.

8-31-11:  Rumor, Bradley Cooper, Joel Edgerton, Lee PaceEddie Redmayne & Joel Kinnaman are up for a Marvel movie but nobody know’s which one.  I among others believe it is this movie.  My pick would be Joel Edgerton.

7-25-11:  Edgar Wright has finished his 3rd draft of the script.  He has co-wrote the script with Joe Cornish.  Update.

It has been said that both Ant-Men will be in the film.  Scott Lang with flashback’s of Henry Pym.

Writer Edgar Wright has said that the film would be “more of a full-on action adventure sci-fi film but with a comedic element,”

Let’s hope they include him in the Avengers in some way.  I mean he is a founding member of the Avengers.  Oh, and as far as I can remember the man even named them.  Or was that Wasp?  Anyway, also one of the biggest Avenger foes (Ultron) was created by Hank Pym.

The Avengers 2

Studio: Marvel Studios / IMDB

Release Date:  5-1-2015

Status:  In Development

Buzz:  4-16-13:  RDJ teases again on how he may not return as Iron Man after Avengers 2 is filmed.  Very vague is he.  But my opinion is that he doesn’t have a contract so, he is weighing his options. I don’t know if they will be a major focus on anymore Iron Man films to tell the truth.  They have many other characters to bring up the pipeline.  If anything he could be signed to a contract that allows him to make cameo’s or small roles.  Which will give him plenty of time to do the things he wants to do and keeping the hardcore fans happy.  HE IS IRONMAN.

4-15-13:  Some interviews with Joss & group about Avengers 2 development.  He’s just finishing up the first draft of the script.

4-2-13: Looks like shooting will begin early 2014 in the UK.

11-1-12:  It looks like Frank Grillo (Crossbones) will appear in 3 movies as the character.  Avengers 2 maybe?

8-16-12:  Release date set!  May 1st 2015.

8-7-12:  Joss Whedon has officially signed on to write & direct Avengers 2.  As well as help develop the TV series based in the Marvel cinematic universe.  And also help “creatively” with all phase 2 projects.

6-28-12:  In the Variety news about the Guardian’s of the Galaxy they mentioned that this movie is slated for 2015 but no date has been set as of yet.

5-18-12:  MTV gives some pretty plausible reasons why they think Phil Coulson is going to return as “The Vision”.

5-8-12:  Avengers 2 was officially announced as being in Development.

Black Panther

Studio: Marvel Studios

Release Date: Not set

Status: Finished Script.

Buzz:   7-9-12:  Raw Lieba talks more about his past meeting with Marvel and how much he want’s the Killmonger role.

6-28-12:  Looks like this movie has been pushed back.  although not official/nor was it confirmed officially.  But Guardians of the Galaxy took the spot of movie #2 for 2014.  I guess, we’ll have to wait until july 14th to find out for sure.

6-27-12:  Raw Lieba is still trying to get that part of Killmonger in this film.  It was reported that he met with marvel 8-7-11 (down below).  He is going full villain and dressing up like Erik Killmonger for these photo’s.  meh.  He needs a real designer.

6-21-12:  Anthony Mackie said in an interview when asked about the role of The Black Panther and if Marvel had contacted him that “No”, “I would love to be a part of it” and he like’s the character and it would be cool to be a part of the Avengers.  Mackie is one of the actors being considered by the Internet masses.  Here are some more… Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, John Boyega, Michael Jai White, Michael B. Jordan, Denzel Washington, Chiwetel Ejiofor, David Oyelowo, Chadwick Boseman, Derek Luke, Idris Elba, Jesse Williams, Nate Parker, Edi Gathegi, Noel Clarke, Drake… (that’s funny), Tyrese Gibson, Djimon Hounsou, Omari Hardwick, Laz Alonso, & perhaps Raw Leiba.  It’s open to all comer’s let’s say.  (if the movie is even on the slate).

6-5-12:  Latino Review has came forward with a Rumor that says that The Black Panther will be the other Marvel Movie in 2014.  This is news that was to be announced at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. (July 12th-15th).  Latino Review has had some good “scoops” in the past (ie. The Mandarin in IM3 just for example).  So, here’s to waiting for that official confirmation.  (Thanks to Emman for the heads up!)

5-15-12:  Stan Lee wants to see Black Panther & Dr. Strange on the big screen next.

8-17-11:  Raw Leiba has been reported to have met with Marvel Studio’s to discuss both Luke Cage & Black Panther. has said that he had spoke to them about potentially playing Luke Cage or playing the villain (Erik Killmonger) in Black Panther

1-1-11:  Mark Baily has been hired to write a script for Black Panther.

Black Widow

Studio: Marvel Studios

Release Date: Not set

Status: Speculation (not officially confirmed)

Buzz: n/a

Captain America:  The Winter Soldier

Studio: Marvel Studios

Release Date: 4-4-14

Status: Principle Photography / IMDB

Buzz:   4-16-13:  Set pictures of Cap & Black Widow.  Black Widow has long straight hair (finally).  & Cap is sportin’ his brand new duds.

4-16-13:  Ed Brubaker (writer for Captain America for many many years) says that the Russo bros. were nice enough to have him come out and review their script and give feedback.  He said it was great and felt like his writing.  So, that is great news!  If they writer for the comic book is liking it then I’m sure we will love it!

4-15-13:  Mackie says that he is role is “integral”.  …and Marvel didn’t want him to bulk up?  That’s kinda confusing.

4-15-13:  Mackie says he’s upset that the costume isn’t as cheesy as it could be.  He’s kidding but he has a small point.  Based on the released “concept artwork”  I was kinda hoping that they would throw in a subtle color scheme of Red Orange/White/Yellow.  If that is indeed the case we should at least get Redwing.

4-8-13:  First official image released.  Commencement of Principal Photography has Begun!

4-2-13:  The MCU Phase One Blu-Ray Box Set has some interesting tidbits.  Check it out. Click the date.

4-2-13:  First look at what could be the final costumes for Falcon & the Winter Soldier.

3-29-13:  Robert Redford joins the cast!  He is said to be playing a Senior SHIELD agent.  He will be playing a senior agent going by the name Pierce.

2-2-13:  Looks like Chris Evans doesn’t have a script yet and they start shooting in 2 months.  Seems normal.  🙂  Oh, and he lets slip in an interview that there will be some Avenger cameo’s.  Yay!

2-1-13:  Emily VanCamp will be our Sharon Carter.  Sharon is the niece to the Peggy Carter from the first film.  Excellent choice.

1-20-13:  It looks like Toby Jones will be reprising his role as Arnim Zola.  Hmmmm, that may be awesome.

11-1-12:  It looks like Frank Grillo (Crossbones) will appear in 3 movies as the character.  Avengers 2 maybe?

10-29-12Frank Grillo has been confirmed as “Crossbones“.  Awesome!!  As well as Samuel L. Jackson & Cobie Smulders returning as well.  Here.

10-14-12Hugo Weaving has said that he doesn’t want to reprise his role as “The Red Skull”.  He’s glad he did it but doesn’t want to do it again.  Well, to that I say “Hugo, you have done great things in Sci-Fi films.  When we find a natural fit in the things we work at we need to just embrace what we are good at and make it yours.”  But if he doesn’t want it then I say find someone that does.  Red Skull is adaptable.

10-2-12:  5 actresses are in line to play a major “love interest role”.  They didn’t say Sharon Carter but that would be my guess.  They are: Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), Jessica Brown Findlay (Downtown Abbey), Teresa Palmer (I Am Number Four), Imogen Poots (Fright Night), Alison Brie (Mad Men).

10-2-12:  Black Widow will be making an appearance.  They think…

9-17-12:  In an interview Chris Evans says that there were scenes cut from The Avengers movie that they will use in CA2.  I’m sure they won’t use the actual scenes.  It seems like he was speaking more of the story “elements”.  Also, he says that he would love to cameo in Thor: The Dark World.

9-17-12:  Anthony Mackie speaks more on his role as The Falcon/Sam Wilson.  He will be concentrating on getting his weight up.  “The biggest part of it is, I think kids for so long have been looking for a role model or someone to look up to. I feel like this being truly the first African American superhero, being introduced in this movie and in this way, I feel like it’s going to be great.”

9-14-12:  Chris Evans talks about the “Man out of Time” scene & the awesome work out regimine he has to take up soon.  …again.

7-16-12:  Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes) will return as assumedly The Winter Soldier.

7-16-12:  Look’s like Falcon will be teaming up with Captain America this time around.  Yay Sam Wilson!  Anthony Mackie is in Negotiations.  This was sort of leaked previously when they dropped information on their new Cartoon (Avengers Assemble) that is replacing Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  Here. the Art shows all of the character’s that appeared in the Avengers movie plus One extra character.  Falcon.  Score!

7-14-12:  Title Change at ComicCon today.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  So, awesome!  Bringing back Bucky.  Title Card.

6-28-12:  Principal photography slated to begin January 2013 in Wilmington, NC.  Same place they shot IM3.

6-6-12:  The producers (Joe & Anthony Russo) from TV’s “Community” are in final negotiations to Co-Direct.  I guess my Nolfi vote went unheard.

4-5-12:  Release Date Set!  4-4-14 as of right now anyway.  This could always change.  The press release says that it will take place directly after The Avengers movie ends.  He will still be with Nick Fury and learning to cope with his new surroundings.

3-30-12:  Three Director’s are up for the directing Job.  George Nolfi, the writer-director of The Adjustment Bureau; F. Gary Gray, best known for directing The Italian Job; and, naturally … Community’s Anthony and Joseph Russo?  My vote is for Nolfi.

3-1-12:  We may not see Gabe Jones (played by Derek Luke) return for CA2 but he gave this cryptic tidbit in a recent interview ““It’s amazing what happens when you walk through one door, it opens so many of them. So what I’ll say is so many doors are open right now for me on that level and I’m just excited.”   So, could he be in the talks to be playing another Marvel character???  Or maybe an old man in Avengers??  We’ll see.

1-26-12:  Neal McDonough (Dum Dum Dugan) had stated in an interview that production should start by the end of the year and then Nick Fury will be after that.  No confirmation has been given if Nick Fury will have his own solo movie as of yet.

10-22-11:  We are assured that the movie will be set in the “present” time.  Building more on the “man out of time” aspect of what Cap is going through.

10-16-11:  In an interview with Neal McDonough (Dum Dum Dugan) he says that they will use WWII flashbacks in the sequel.  A villain still hasn’t been chosen as of yet.

9-22-11:  Chris Evans says that he won’t be making any Cameo’s in any other Marvel Movie’s Post “The Avengers”.  How it stands now anyway.  Cap 2 may also be pushed back to 2014.

8-28-11:  Co-Writer Christopher Markus has mentioned that he would like to see M.O.D.O.K. as the villain in CA2.  He also wants Peter Dinklage to play the character.  It’s just a matter of getting everyone to think as he does now.

2-11-11: Stephen McFeely & Christopher Markus will be writing the script.


Studio: 20th Century Fox

Release Date: Not set

Status: Script Development / IMDB

Buzz:   8-14-12:  Daredevil’s right’s have reverted back to Marvel!  2 months early I might add.  Joe Carnahan was attempting to get the Director job and even created 2 sizzle reels to portray his take on the blind lawyer from Hells Kitchen.  HERE.  Marvel would not extend the time.  Fox wouldn’t do the FF deal, so most likely to cut losses and focus on their “other” Marvel properties the rights come back home.  I will leave the Movie prospect up for awhile but highly doubt that Marvel/Disney will be able to do anything with this character (booked up) unless they go the TV route.

8-6-12:  Fox & Marvel are in talks allowing Marvel to take a few characters from the Fantastic Four Universe and then in turn giving Fox an extension for Daredevil.  Currently they have to start pre-production by October 10th 2012.  Fox is currently in talks with Joe Carnahan to fill the empty director chair left by David Slade.  There was an update shortly after news broke and Fox is rumored to be disinterested in the offer.  We will wait for confirmation.

7-11-12:  David Slade has dropped out of directing. (working on pilot for TV series Hannibal)  Fox is now on the lookout for a new Director.  They say the script is awesome but if they don’t get into production by the fall then the right’s may risk reverting back to Marvel.  Here’s a toast to “hold up’s”, “delay’s”, and anything else that can keep this from staying in Fox’s hands one moment longer.

4-30-12: David James Kelly has been tasked to rewrite the script that was penned by Brad Caleb Kane over a year ago.

12-3-11:  David Slade again tweets that Daredevil is still on track on and says that more news will come in the new year.

9-9-11:  David Slade has tweeted that nothing else (casting etc.) is going to happen until they get the script right.

A whole new cast.  No, Ben Affleck will never again don the devil horns.  Bradley Cooper is rumored along with a list of others.

3-15-11:  It is rumored that the movie will be an adaptation of Frank Miller’s “Born Again” storyline.

6-17-10:  It was rumored by this guy that Fox is trying to make a “movie-verse” similar to The Avengers with the characters they currently have rights to.  I wouldn’t count on that though.

3-15-11:  David Slade is attached to direct.


Studio: 20th Century Fox

Release Date: Not Set

Status:  In Development / IMDB

Buzz:  3-20-13 – Ryan Reynolds says the studio is “reluctant” to pull the trigger.

10-19-12:  Tim Miller is still hopefull that Deadpool will see the light of day.  Rob Liefield is even more hopefull shown here.

9-28-12:  Mark Millar has been hired by Fox to “oversee” the Fox Marvel Movie Slate.  He should do some good seeing how he like’s and writes comics and stuff.

3-23-12:  Comic Book writer Joe Kelly says that Fox is doing all they can to do this character justice on the big screen.  They are trying to make amends for the take on the character from the X-Men origins: Wolverine movie.

2-28-12:  Ryan reynolds says that This Deadpool will have no connection to the Deadpool we all saw in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  He also says that this movie HAS to be rated R or it just won’t be done right.

1-18-12:  Production is suppose to begin sometime this year.  Tim Miller (Director) & Ryan Reynolds (Actor) are still attached.

1-13-12:  Rob Liefeld has supposedly seen 8 minutes of test footage for the movie.  He says that it “would blow your mind if you saw it and go holy crap and that’s Deadpool in costume. Katana swords, guns, shooting people’s faces off and making me laugh”.  I wish I could be the judge of that.

9-8-11:  Lauren Shuler Donner agrees that Deadpool wasn’t done “right” in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie.  “Yes he was treated totally wrong in the Wolverine film and yes we will redeem him. But I’m pretty excited. We have a good script and a good director,”

7-28-11:  Ryan Reynolds assure’s us that they are working on Deadpool as we speak.  He say’s it’s more like Phantom of the Opera meets Airplane meets Caddyshack.

6-9-11Tim Miller is attached to Direct.

6-1-10:  Robert Rodriguez approached to direct film but ended up turning it down for Spy Kids 4.

Spin off from X-Men Origins: Wolverine with Ryan Reynolds playing the title role.

Dr. Strange

Studio: Marvel Studios

Release Date: Not Set

Status: Announced / IMDB

Buzz:  4-16-13:  Rumor has it that Marvel is “eyeing” Justin Theroux to play Doctor Stephen Strange.  Now, if this becomes truth I will have called it!  Too bad I didn’t have anything posted beforehand though.  I do have an Unpublished Fancast page that I have him cast in the part.  Let’s just say Theroux would be the perfect choice.

1-27-13:  The good Doctor has been officially revealed to be a part of Phase 3.  This won’t happen till after Ant-Man I’m sure but the speculation on who could play Strange is the best!

5-28-12:  When talking about Iron Man 3 Kevin Feige says “Our next step, will be to introduce a character outside the Avengers’ world.”  Could this mean Dr. Strange?

5-15-12:  Stan Lee wants to see Black Panther & Dr. Strange on the big screen next.

10-16-11: “Sooner Rather Than Later”, “I would love to see Doc Strange a part of phase 2…” – Feige

10-5-11:  Disney has purchased some domain names for Music Soundtracks recently.  One of those was,, &  Even though this isn’t confirmation but could possibly hint towards a Movie closer to development than we think.

9-22-11:  Yup, Patrick Dempsey is still interested in playing Doctor Strange.  They might go the TV route though.  Which wouldn’t be all that bad… but hey, I still would like to see a big time movie.

6-22-10 – Patrick Dempsey had a meeting with Marvel Studio‘s to play Doctor Strange.

Fantastic Four: Reborn

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Release Date: Not Set

Status: writing stage / IMDB

Buzz:   4-16-13:  per Twitter Josh Trank reveals that shooting will begin June 14th in Vancouver.  Working Title “Henry Street”.  Now, without a cast wouldn’t that be hard to do?

4-3-13:  Pre-production is going to start in September.

10-20-12:  Josh Trank is looking to Stan Lee & Jack Kirby for his inspiration.  Good job Josh.

10-3-12:  Ben Mendelsohn wants to play Dr. Doom.  Almost anyone can play Doom.  Just need a big body and the right voice.

9-28-12:  Mark Millar has been hired by Fox to “oversee” the Fox Marvel Movie Slate.  He should do some good seeing how he like’s and writes comics and stuff.

8-6-12:  Fox & Marvel are in talks allowing Marvel to take a few characters from the Fantastic Four Universe and then in turn giving Fox an extension for Daredevil.  Currently they have to start pre-production for Daredevil by October 10th 2012.  The 2 characters that they are rumored to be interested in are Galactus & The Silver Surfer.  This could mean trouble for any future movies that Fox wants to make with the FF family.  There was an update shortly after news broke and Fox is rumored to be disinterested in the offer.  We will wait for confirmation.

7-14-12:  So, with Trank directing they also hired Jeremy Slater to write.  He had some hopeful tweets today saying that he wants to “make the movie that the fans deserve”.  Promising.  But what has he written?  Nothing.  Well, it still could be great.

7-11-12:  Finally, it’s been made official.  Fox has deemed Josh Trank worthy to direct this reboot.  If it stays on track it looks like it could possibly come out following the Wolverine sequel and/or the X-Men: First Class sequel.  (both of which are on a fast track)

4-27-12:  Josh Trank has been confirmed to be working on the Development with Fox but directing still hasn’t been announced.

1-14-12: Josh Trank (director of Chronicle) had been rumored to take the duty of rebooting the family four.  He finally debunks all rumors saying that he doesn’t know anything about it.

8-12-11: Rumor – Fox may be letting the character rights revert back to Marvel.  Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out to be a rumor.  We can only hope that Marvel get’s the FF back!

7-1-10 – Thing will be CGI.  Looking at Bruce willis or Keifer Sutherland to voice Thing.  Fantastic Four: Reborn will be a darker take on the fantastic family.

6-28-10 – Kevin Pennington being pursued to play Johnny Storm (Human Torch) by fox AND Danny Rand (Iron Fist) for Marvel.

There have been rumors saying that this will be a total reboot and then other’s saying that it possibly will not.  so, stay tuned.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Studio:  Marvel Studios

Release Date:  8-1-2014

Status: 2nd Draft finished/ IMDB

Buzz:    4-19-13:  Calling for all EXTRA’s!  even amputee’s?

4-18-13:  In a James Gunn interview he talks about Rocket Raccoon being “the heart of the movie”, Chris Pratt sharing screen time with RDJ but then he goes on to say that he’s not involved.  Maybe Avengers 2?  hmm?

4-16-13:  Michael Rooker has been cast as Yondu.  Which was a founding member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Rooker was campaigning to play the voice of Rocket Raccoon.  Yondu is good too.

4-2-13:  The MCU Phase One Blu-Ray Box Set has some interesting tidbits.  Check it out. Click the date.

3-14-13:  Dave Bautista has won the role of “Drax the Destroyer“.  Once human but killed then brought back to life as a super killing machine.  Specified to kill One Mad Titan that goes by the name of “Thanos“.

3-4-13:  Kevin Feige describes this movie to take place 95% in space.  Nothing suprising here.

2-12-13:  Victoria Alonso VFX producer talks about Rocket Raccoon & Groot.  They will be a mix of Rotomation & CGI.  If you don’t know what Rotomation is click the link.

2-5-13:  Chris Pratt has claimed the lead of “Star-Lord”.  I think he will do great.

12-19-12:  Samuel L. Jackson says that he won’t be appearing in this movie.  He says the next movie that he’ll be in is Cap 2 and then Avengers 2.

11-28-12Joel Edgerton (Warrior), Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire), Jim  Sturgess (Cloud Atlas), Lee Pace (The Hobbit: An Unexpected  Journey) and Eddie Redmayne (Les Miserables), Garrett Hedlund  (Tron Legacy), James Marsden (X-Men) and Sullivan Stapleton  (Animal Kingdom). are all said to be up for the role of Starlord in some fashion.

10-3-12:  Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead “Merle Dixon”) would love to work with Gunn again.  He is looking for a chance to play Rocket Raccoon and is asking the fans to sound off if they want it to happen.  Me?  I don’t know maybe I’ll have to read some Guardian’s while listening to Michael speak to see if it works.

10-1-12:  Director James Gunn says that they are not “cast dependent” on this movie.  “we could cast unknown’s if we wanted to”.  Also he says that they have barely begun in terms of casting.  They have Long Lists of choices.

9-28-12:  James Gunn doing some research on the 1st team of Guardians of the Galaxy?  Hmmm interesting.  It’s funny though, he says Taserface‘s chances are quite low.  I agree.  Horrible villain.  This shows me though that he is doing the research.  Hopefully the old team is included in some way.

9-19-12Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights) has set his sights on wanting to play “Nova” in this movie.  Nova hasn’t been confirmed for this movie.  Although he is a cosmic character, it is possible.  He is a fan which is great.  I feel that if we have more actors that are actual fans then it will translate over to the movie.

9-14-12:  Fans still want Nathan Fillion in a Marvel Movie.  This time possibly Star Lord?  No, he says he’s too busy.

8-2-12:  A new writer has been hired to perform the script rewrites.  Chris McCoy has yet to have any credit’s to his name but they say he writes “quirky”.

7-14-12:  It was announced today that Guardian’s of the Galaxy is the other 2014 mystery movie.  Title Card.  Here’s some concept art confirming the roster.  Star Lord, Groot, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon, & Gamora.  Nova was mentioned but is not seen in the art.

6-28-12:  Variety reports that the movie is going to be officially released on 5-16-2014.  For more info on the Guardian’s back story click here.  Nicole Perlman has written 2 drafts so far and Marvel is impressed with it.  So, it looks like Black Panther gets pushed?  I guess, we’ll have to wait until july 14th to find out for sure.

5-28-12:  When talking about Iron Man 3 Kevin Feige says “Our next step, will be to introduce a character outside the Avengers’ world.”  Could this mean Guardians of the Galaxy?

10-15-11:  Feige has said that this movie will stand alone and will not be introduced by the Avengers movie or other movies.

9-30-11: Kevin Feige states in Entertainment Weekly that Guardians of the Galaxy is a movie that they are planning “after” the Avengers.

Iron Fist

Studio:  Marvel Studios

Release Date:  Not Set

Status: possibly in development / IMDB

Buzz:  6-1-12:  Damon Lindelof (worked on Prometheus, LOST, Cowboys & Aliens etc.) has said that he would like to adapt Iron Fist to the big screen.  C’mon let’s give Damon a directing job here and send Danny Rand to Hollywood.  🙂

6-28-10 – Kevin Pennington being pursued to play Johnny Storm (Human Torch) by fox AND Danny Rand (Iron Fist) for Marvel.

Iron Fist has been thrown around as a movie that Marvel wants to make.  No real movement here.

The Inhumans

Studio: Marvel Studios

Release Date: No released date set

Status: Writing Script / IMDB

Buzz:  5-28-12:  When talking about Iron Man 3 Kevin Feige says “Our next step, will be to introduce a character outside the Avengers’ world.”  Could this mean The Inhumans?

9-30-11: Kevin Feige states in Entertainment Weekly that The Inhumans is a movie that they are planning “after” the Avengers.  He states that if either this movie and Guardians of the Galaxy get made to “expect a X-Men style ensemble a’la the Avengers.”


Luke Cage

Studio: Marvel Studios

Release Date: Not Set

Status: Speculation (not confirmed) / IMDB

Buzz:  8-28-11:  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has expressed interest in wanting to play Luke Cage.  He says that he loves that superhero and that he would “Crush it” if given the opportunity.

8-17-11:  Raw Leiba has been reported to have met with Marvel Studio’s to discuss both Luke Cage & Black Panther. has said that he had spoke to them about potentially playing Luke Cage or playing the villain (Erik Killmonger) in Black Panther

Ms. Marvel

Studio:  Marvel Studios

Release Date:  Not Set

Status:  Speculation / IMDB

Buzz:  5-22-12:  Abigail Chandler had reported that she had heard Joe Quesada reveal that they had a script ready but an actress hadn’t been chosen.  Come to find out Mr. Quesada never said this and it was just a mistake.  Damn.  Don’t expect to see this listing on here for long.

Nick Fury / S.H.I.E.L.D.

Studio:  Marvel Studios

Release Date:  Not Set

Status:  Planning / IMDB

Buzz:  n/a

The Runaways

Studio:  Marvel Studios

Release Date:  Not Set

Status:  On Hold / IMDB

Buzz:   7-28-12:  Drew Pearce speaks with “Girl Gamer” and mention’s his written/finished script for The Runaways and says that he’ll do anything to get it to the big screen.  He also says that as boring as it sounds he would cast unknown’s for the kids.

5-28-12:  When talking about Iron Man 3 Kevin Feige says “Our next step, will be to introduce a character outside the Avengers’ world.”  Could this mean The Runaways?

8-14-11:  Script is finished by Drew Pearce, A couple people have been cast, and Peter Sollett is directing.  Since The Avengres is currently filming, all things are being placed on HOLD.

Another one of those “wanted” movies from Marvel.  Kevin Feige has especially expressed interest in this title.

Silver Surfer

Studio:  20th Century Fox

Release Date:  not set

Status:  Planning / IMDB

Buzz:   9-28-12:  Mark Millar has been hired by Fox to “oversee” the Fox Marvel Movie Slate.  He should do some good seeing how he like’s and writes comics and stuff.

8-6-12:  Fox & Marvel are in talks allowing Marvel to take a few characters from the Fantastic Four Universe and then in turn giving Fox an extension for Daredevil.  Currently they have to start pre-production for Daredevil by October 10th 2012.  The 2 characters that they are rumored to be interested in are Galactus & The Silver Surfer.  If Marvel does get the deal I wouldn’t count on a solo movie for the Surfer though.  Maybe an appearance but their plates/lineups are quite full over there at Marvel/Disney.  There was an update shortly after news broke and Fox is rumored to be disinterested in the offer.  We will wait for confirmation.

Rumored to be a spin-off from the first 2 FF movie’s but now that FF is getting the “Reboot” makes you wonder if they will give the same fate to Norrin Radd.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Studio:  Columbia Pictures

Release Date:  5-2-14

Status:  Date Set / IMDB

Trailer:  n/a

Buzz:  4-21-13:  More Set photo’s showcasing the nerdy look of Max Dillon (Electro) & Dane Dehaan’s Harry Osborne.

4-21-13:  Marc Webb shares his first look at Max Dillon (Electro).

4-16-13:  Set Photo’s of Jamie Foxx as Electro.  He’s blue & electrified.  I’m kinda riding the fence on this.  It seems the Ultimate look gets chosen most of the time.  Spurred on by the announcement of the First Look here.

2-27-13:  Chris Cooper is going to be Norman Osborn.  Not bad, not bad.

2-25-13:  First look at the new Suit!  here.  Much better than the last.  lovin’ the eyes and how faithful they are to the source.

2-12-13:  Spider-Man’s web-shooters will see a slight design change.  Nothing major.

2-5-13:  There was an article written by Sean O’Connell stating his idea that the reason behind all of this casting is not because we are getting another Spider-Man 3 (too many villains / no character development) but yet his theory is that Marc Webb is creating a “Spider-verse”…  Sort of like the Marvel Movie Universe but with the Spider-Man family instead.  I think that would be great.  Let’s start treating this character as Marvel would treat him.  Then I won’t feel so bad with Sony still having him web-tied.  **Marc so his post and replied via twitter with two words.  “Think Bigger…”.  Exciting.  Here’s my idea:  Take the villains that are set up in ASM2 and do a “Pulp Fiction/Crash” type movie where they have their separate origin stories and have them tie together.  You can call it “Deadly Foes of Spider-Man” and have it lead up to ASM3.

1-28-13:  Paul Giamatti wants to play Rhino.  There are rumors that he is in negotiations to play said character.

12-3-12:  Marc Webb has officially confirmed that Jamie Foxx will be playing Electro.

12-3-12:  It’s official Dane DeHaan is going to be Harry Osborn.

11-26-12Dane DeHaan (chronicle) is being rumored again to be closer to the role of Harry Osborn.

11-19-12:  Seven actors are up for the role of Harry Osborn.  Sam Claflin, Eddie Redmayne, Douglas Booth and Boyd Holbrook, Dane DeHaan, Alden Ehrenreich and Brady Corbet.  Which are rumors and which have actually auditioned?  Hmmmmm.

11-1-12:  Jamie Foxx was tweeting recently that he had dressed up as Electro.  Then rumors run rampant…  Marc Webb has released the standard quote “Look, Jamie Foxx is a genius actor, and I think he’s electrifying. That’s my  standard quote right now”.  Waiting for confirmation.  That all aside, I can’t really agree with the casting on this.  I love Jamie Foxx as an actor but please don’t make him Electro.  Do I need to pull out “Kingpin” references?

10-18-12:  I guess Shailene Woodley will be playing Mary Jane Watson.  She will make a small appearance (rumor) in SM 2 and a bigger role in the third installment.  Shailene is best known (to me) in the TV series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”.  My wife loves that show.

9-28-12:  Marc Webb has been confirmed to be directing this sequel.

Sub-Mariner (Namor)

Studio:  Marvel Studios

Release Date: not set

Status:  planning / IMDB

Buzz: n/a

Thor:  The Dark World

Studio:  Marvel Studios

Release Date: 11-8-2013

Status:  Filming / IMDB

Buzz:    4-19-13:  First Teaser Poster!  Here!

4-2-13:  The MCU Phase One Blu-Ray Box Set has some interesting tidbits.  Check it out. Click the date.

3-18-13:  Ray Stevenson comments on the darker/grittier side of The Dark World and also always a possibility for Volstagg to turn up in Avengers 2.  Not likely.  Also, he said that he would “jump on” the role of Punisher again if Marvel were to get behind it.

3-18-13:  Tom Hiddleston says that he will play loki until Marvel/or the Audience tells him to stop.  It’s great that he is so invested in this character.

10-20-12:  Natalie Portman doesn’t want to reprise her role?  Sorry, you signed a contract.  You’ll be great.

9-14-12:  More Set Photos!  Here.  & Here!

9-13-12:  Only a rumor but it is being said that a major character will bite the big one in this movie.  My money is on Odin!

9-7-12:  Could Dr. Strange be making an appearance?  It’s just rumor but, sources say that he would be working with Dr. Jane Foster to assist in the scientific end of things regarding Thor & Asgard.  I would really hope they don’t change his origin of Doctor (Surgeon).  They already took out Don Blake.  Let’s have a Doctor super hero!

8-22-12:  Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje  joins the cast as Algrim The Strong/Kurse.   Algrim the Strong was a Dark Elf from Svartalfheim that had fought Thor with a little push by Malekith the  Accursed and falls into some lava and….blah blah blah  Oh, and he becomes Kurse with some help from The Beyonder.  Now that would be super cool.  …to see The Beyonder I mean.
8-12-12Alice Krige joins the cast.  She is being rumored to be playing Alflyse the Queen of the Dark Elves.

8-3-12:  Is Alan Taylor going to be doing some shooting in Iceland?  Me thinks so!  August wraps up filming.

8-1-12:  Malekith The Accursed has been confirmed as the villain!  Mads Mikkelsen has dropped out and Christopher Eccleston (Dr. Who) has stepped in.

7-18-12:  Stuntman reveals that they had to dress up as elves during a shoot.  This could give light to the new title.  The “Dark” Elves of Svartlalfheim.  They are ruled by Malekith The Accursed.  Which in an earlier update (5-24-12) Mads Mikkelsen was in line to play a villain.  Also, the “Casket of Ancient Winters” could also be involved somehow.  Maybe?  Malekith can be seen in Thor #344 and the animated series Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes “The Casket of Ancient Winters”.

7-14-12:  Title change today at comic con announced.  Thor:  The Dark World.  Title Card

7-10-12:  I guess Anthony Hopkins (Odin) will be sharing some scenes with Natalie Portman (Jane Foster) this time around.  Cool.

7-10-12:  Zachary Levi (Chuck) confirms his role as Fandral The Dashing on Jay Leno.

6-28-12:  Slated to start shooting in August this year over in London.

6-28-12:  Stellan Skarsgård will be making it back.  He doesn’t know how big his role will be since Natalie’s role has been increased.  He confirms it.

6-8-12:  In a recent interview Chris Hemsworth says that having rumored Charlize Theron play “The Enchantress” “She’d be awesome” but then talks about how unlikely it would be with her current schedule.  (The Enchantress has not been confirmed to even be in Thor 2 as of yet)

6-8-12Josh Dallas (Fandral from the first movie) will not be making a return.  He has a tv show (Once Upon A Time) he’s also doing which won’t allow him to do both.   Zachary Levi (Chuck) may be stepping in to replace him.

5-28-12:  Kevin Feige Talks Thor 2.  “We’re going to see the other side of Asgard. It’s not all polished and golden in this film. And the events of Avengers will have affected Thor for sure. His relationship with Loki will continue to evolve, and the biggest part is Natalie and Thor returning with Jane Foster.”   Also a new villain?  “No, future, future. But there will be a major new villain. A major, major new antagonist…”

5-24-12:  Mads Mikkelsen in talks to play a villain in this movie?  who could he be?

5-21-12:  It is being said that The Enchantress will make her Marvel Cinematic debut.

3-18-12:  Looks like Stellan Saarsgard will be returning as well as Kenneth Branaugh.  No Kenneth Branaugh will not be directing.  He will be acting as a Producer.

1-10-12:  Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan) comes in for rewrites to help new director.

1-9-12:  Filming is supposedly suppose to begin This summer in London.  Interesting…

12-24-11:  Alan Taylor gets the call to Direct only 18 days later.  Wow that was quick!  He has directed mostly TV but most notably “Game of Thrones”.  But others include Rome, The Sopranos, LOST.  Not bad for a shortlist.

12-6-11: Patty Jenkins resign’s her Directorial duties “creative differences”.  Quick search for another director!

9-22-11:  Patty Jenkins is up for the Director job.  She is most known for directing “Monster” starring Charlize Theron.

9-22-11:  Kevin Feige states that the sequel will “take Thor literally to other worlds” and more on the relationship with Jane Foster and the new dynamic with his father.

8-4-11:  They are saying that they will double up on Aasgardians and mythical Norse creatures and it will be larger in scale.

6-30-11 – Kenneth Branaugh will not return as the director for this movie.



Studio:  Columbia Pictures

Release Date: not set

Status: re-writes / IMDB

Buzz:  6-9-12:  We finally get an update!  Avi Arad and Matthew Tolmach (Sony) are saying that the Spin-0ff will not necessarily be in the same universe as The Amazing Spider-Man “but look for the worlds to make sense with one another.”  There chance to have a shared universe and they don’t jump on it?  Hmmm we’ll see if they have something up their sleeve.  Oh, and they say that it will be an Eddie Brock story.  No ties of course to Spider-Man 3 or Topher.

3-16-12:  Josh Trank is in talks (supposedly) to direct this film for Sony.  He’s also rumored to be in talks with Fox and Fantastic Four but at this point who really knows?

a script has been turned in by the two guys that wrote Zombieland.

War Machine

Studio:  Marvel Studios

Release Date: not set

Status: Planned

Buzz:  Kevin Feige has been rumored to say that this film will most likely happen but not for awhile.

The Wolverine

Studio:  20th Century Fox

Release Date: 7-26-13

Status:  Filming / IMDB

Buzz:   3-20-13:  The supporting cast (girls) give their thoughts on their “supporting” roles.  Can anyone say a Love Pentagon?

2-11-13:  There is a rumor floating around that the Teaser trailer will be attached to the GI Joe: Retaliation movie.  Whatever, I can’t wait.

12-19-12:  McQuarrie says that the original script had only 1 mutant in it.  Hmmm who could that have been?  🙂

12-18-12:  Hugh Jackman officially joins the X-Men: Days of Future Past cast!  whoo hooo!  shared universe!

10-26-12:  “The Wolverine” is NOT a prequel.  It is taking place after X3.  After Jean, Professor X, Scott have all passed and the team has disbanded he finds himself alone and in Japan learning the ways of the Samurai.  Really can’t wait to see Logan with his sword.

10-10-12:  First look at Silver Samauri

9-28-12:  Mark Millar has been hired by Fox to “oversee” the Fox Marvel Movie Slate.  He should do some good seeing how he like’s and writes comics and stuff.

9-7-12:  Looks like they got a Olympic silver medalist on the film.  Naoya Ogawa was spotted filming scenes with Hugh J.  (Ogawa holds 7 medals at the Judo World Championships & 2 time National Wrestling Alliance heavyweight champion.)

9-4-12:  First pics of Mariko Yashida.

9-3-12:  First pics of Yukio

8-6-12:  Wolverine still bushy!  Hugh Jackman sporting a beard and long hair.  Other pics too.

8-4-12:  The hair-ier side of Wolverine.  Pics.  If this has anything to do with the Frank Miller storyline how kick ass would it be to see Wolverine go up against a Grizzly Bear.  speechless.

8-2-12:  Hugh Jackman arrives at the “Yukon” southwest of Sydney Australia.  Pictures galore.  click the date.

7-29-12:  More set photo’s of the WWII set.  This one has someone (maquette’s) down in the well with Logan.  This might suggest Lt. Ethan Warren may make an appearance. (from Brian K. Vaughn’s Wolverine: Logan)

7-9-12:  Will Yun Lee will be playing Kenuichio Harada/The Silver Samurai & Brian Tee is set to play Noburo Mori a corrupt minister of justice who is about to marry the daughter of a yakuza crime lord (Mariko)

7-9-12:  4 actors have been cast.  (Actor – Character)  Hiroyuki Sanado Shingen Harada, Hal Yamanouchi – They say he will play Yashida but Yashida is a last name of a family & Clan.  Unconfirmed for now. Tao Okamoto Mariko Yashida, Rila Fukushima Yukio

5-21-12:  The movie will finally begin filming in August!

3-20-12:  We may have our first look at the Teaser Poster for this movie.  Here!

10-11-11:  Hugh Jackman talks in an interview about how much he wants to make an “R” rated Wolverine movie but understands the reasons (the kids) why they can’t.  They want to push the PG-13 boundries and get around some of the “rules” but, also him and Mangold are considering making two different versions.

9-26-11: Hugh Jackman says that this movie will not focus on the “Memory Loss” aspect but more about his location in Japan.  Also that there will be more “ladies” in this one compared to the last.

9-8-11:  The movie has been pushed back acouple times now.  Now it’s dependent on Jackman’s schedule.  They might start shooting in Summer of 2012.

8-25-11:  Sarai Givaty is one step closer to getting the role of The Huntress.  Interview with Mangold is next.

8-20-11: Filming will begin November 2011 in Vancouver, BC.

6-15-11:  Fox has decided to go with Director James Mangold. (Knight and Day, 3:10 to Yuma, Walk the Line)

Currently looking for a new director for movie due to the last one bailing because most of the film will be shot in Japan.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Studio:  20th Century Fox

Release Date: 7-18-2014

Status: Script Finished / IMDB

Buzz:  4-16-13:  Bryan Singer Tweets a look at Shawn Ashmore (Iceman) with trackers on his face.

4-14-13:  Bryan Singer Tweets a first look at Patrick Stewart.  What’s he wearing?

4-5-13:  Bryan Singer Tweets a First Look at Beast.  Played by Nicholas Hoult.  Lookin’ good.

4-3-13:  January Jones will not be coming back. Confirmed.

3-19-13:  Peter Dinklage is asked about playing Bolivar Trask.  Man! he has an awesome Poker Face.

3-15-13:  Well, here’s a rundown of the returning cast:  Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), James McAvoy (Charles Xavier), Michael Fassbender (Erik Lensherr), Patrick Stewart (Professor X), Ian McKellen (Magneto), Nicholas Hoult (Beast), Peter Dinklage (Unknown Villain), Halle Berry (Storm), Ellen Page (Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat), Shawn Ashmore (Bobby Drake), Omar Sy (???), Anna Paquin (Rogue), Daniel Cudmore (Colossus), Fan Bingbing (Blink), Booboo Stewart (???)
3-2-13:  Halle Berry confirms that she will be returning as Storm.  Let’s hope she brings the accent with her.  More regal and strong.

2-14-13:  Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) is confirmed in being in the movie.  Now, what role would he play?  I have no idea.  (update: Singer has denied that he would play Puck or any voiceover stuff)

2-13-13:  Hugh Jackman talks about how his role was cast before filming of “The Wolverine” wasn’t even done yet.  Also, he says that he will be reunited with many of the past films cast members.  Oh, and also that the role is “Large”.  Awesome.

1-30-13:  This movie takes place 10 years after the events of “First Class”.

1-18-13:  Hugh Jackman confirms that “Time Travel” will definitely play a part.  Duh?  But I guess this is an actual confirmation.  Good.

12-18-12:  Hugh Jackman officially joins the X-Men: Days of Future Past cast!  whoo hooo!  shared universe!

11-28-12:  It looks like Hugh Jackman is in talks to make an appearance.  His Wolverine movie just finished wrapping and it only makes sense.

11-27-12:  Bryan Singer Tweeted with an Official announcement to return:  Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult and two others that are an exciting addition to days of yore.  Ian McKellan (Magneto) & Patrick Stewart (Prof. X).  Yay!!!

10-30-12:  It’s official, Bryan Singer will take over as director.  Now, are the other actors from the first 3 films gonna make an appearance or what?!

10-25-12:  Matthew Vaughn has opted to NOT direct this film.  Deciding to go the way of a TV Series instead.  He will still produce but who will replace him?  Bryan Singer?

10-18-12:  Mark gives a brief statement on the direction of this film.  “X-Men meets The Terminator.  You’ve got robots, you’ve got time travel, you’ve  got superheroes – it’s got everything in one film.  He also said  that it is “no spoiler on [his] part” to say that the film goes into an  apocalyptic future.”
9-28-12:  Mark Millar has been hired by Fox to “oversee” the Fox Marvel Movie Slate.  He should do some good seeing how he like’s and writes comics and stuff.

10-1-12:  Famke Jansen teases her return.  “One Never Knows”, “Stay Tuned”.  Sounds pretty promising to me.  Patrick stewarts teases earlier says something to me?

9-26-12:  Patrick Stewart teasing a return?  hmmmmm.  If only I could read minds…  wait!  Oh!  pshh!

8-1-12:  Bryan Singer confirms for us again the official title.  Also says that it deals with aspects from that comic  (Days of future Past) but will also expand on the X-men universe as well as connectivety to the previous films.  Sounds interesting.  Hey, I got an idea.  Let’s travel to the future and make Angel an original member of the X-men along with Beast.  There ya go!  Jean, Scott, Bobby, Warren & Hank!!!

7-27-12:  Fox has confirmed the actual title being changed to “X-Men: Days of Future Past”

6-8-12:  Lucas Till (Played Havoc in the first movie) will be back for the sequel.  He also puts in his 2 cents on what he wants to see develop with Havoc.  All he wants is Gauntlets and Polaris… throw ’em a bone!

6-5-12:  Rumor has been reported that Vaughn will be using the “Days of Future Past” story line.  This is culminated because of a title that was registered with the MPAA.  “One of my little birds Weapon X recently dropped me some information that 20th Century Fox had recently registered the title DAYS OF FUTURE PAST with the MPAA Title Registration Bureau. The Bureau exists for studios and productions companies to stake their claims on certain titles that they intend to release and distribute, so that others can stray from using a similar title.

4-5-12:  Filming has been reported to begin in January 2013.

3-15-12:  Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) may have some problems balancing this movie with a Hunger Games Sequel.  Both possibly filming at the same time.  This may result in a smaller role for her in X-Men First Class 2.

1-30-12:  Mathew Vaughn will return as the Director for the sequel.  Here we go!

1-10-12:  Michael Fassbender says “yeah, I think there will be another one” in reference to a sequel to this movie.  He is optioned for two movies so he says that he’s “gotta get down with it”.  With all the hype for an announcement of the sequel I’m sure Fox wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

1-10-12:  Jane Goldman’ “IN” if another movie does transpire.  If Mathew Vaughn comes back to direct.  She usually teams up with Vaughn for “rewriting” duties.  But first needs to come a script from S. Kinberg before we know Vaughn will be back.

11-3-11:  Simon Kinberg has taken the job to pen the sequel.  I’m ok with that as long as they aren’t like his other writing credit “X-Men: The Last Stand”.  Ahh, I’m just kidding he also wrote Mr. & Mrs Smith, Jumper, Sherlock Holmes and some upcoming films as well.

9-8-11:  Lauren Shuler Donner says that “if” they sequalize X-Men: First Class then they may move on to the 70’s time period vs. staying in the same period.

*disclaimer* A lot of my info comes from the awesome site  Not all of it just some news tidbits.  Check ’em out.

11 thoughts on “Marvel Movie’s – In Development (ongoing updates)”

  1. I think Bradley Cooper as Daredevil would be a WAY better then Afflek, and that girl that was going to play Wonder Woman TV show could make a great Elektra. H

    Hugh Jackman also noted I saw online that they will be doing the Silver Samurai series in that movie…I hope so that will be bad ass, Hope Jackman can use Chopsticks and Claws hahaha yeah I said it, so what.

    1. Thanks for the Comments. 🙂

      I think the only reason they are considering Bradley Cooper is that his stock is so High right now. They wouldn’t have 5 years ago. With that said, I don’t think he would be bad but I think they could find someone better to play The Man Without Fear.

      As for Wolvie … I’ve been so pumped for this storyline ever since I heard he was going to Japan. I had hoped/assumed they would include Silver Samurai with being in Japan and all. That should be pretty kick ass! I wonder if they’ll throw a bunch more in it like a side trip to Russia and meet Omega Red? ha!

  2. when u say that kevin fiege is looking to ad a new CHARACTER it aint gardians of the galaxy or the runerways because he said CHARACTER not characTERS by this i thinnk he means anyone who wasnt part of the original avengers e.g:luke cage, black panther

    1. You make a valid argument. But, the reason I put that in there is because he could have been vague in saying this. He is and has always been fond of making a Runaway’s movie. He might be just talking about one CHARACTER in the film. ie Nico or Alex Wilder. It’s a stretch but the same could be said for Guardians of the Galaxy as well. They may tell the story from one person’s point of view. ie. Starlord but definitely not Rocket Raccoon. 🙂 He knows what he’s doing. He’s sparking conversation without giving away the prize.

      Luke Cage I feel is pretty far away. Black Panther was like only the 6 newest member following Captain America so, to me that puts him pretty close to “original Avengers”. But who really knows… It’s specualtion. That’s what makes it fun.

  3. i really hope guardians of the galaxy flops i really wanted to see wakanda for the first time on the big screen

  4. I’m sure the time will come. Personally, I hope Guardian’s of the Galaxy hits big. They are taking a risk going the cosmic route and I would really like to see Marvel suceed.

  5. hey man why don you update this any more quite a bit of news has come out and you haven’t said anything including antman deadpool and a bit more avenngers

  6. just heard of the new avengers title does that mean ant man will be in the avengers and vin diesel as ultron?

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