The Inhumans Go Small Screen: Part 2

In this followup post / conclusion I would like to focus on what the Marvel Television division has released thus far in terms of information about the new series and give some speculation into what I believe its going to encompass.


November 16th, let us all in on the fact that they were moving “Inhumans” from Movie slate TBD status to Fall 2017 Television Series status. (Announcement)

Here’s what we know.

Marvel Television / Disney-ABC Studios / IMAX will be Triple teaming to bring us 8 episodes of “Marvel’s The Inhumans” The first 2 of those episodes will be showcased in IMAX Theatres 2 weeks before the premiere of the show (Fall 2017).  The 2 special episodes are special because 1st and foremost you get to see them in all of their IMAX-y glory.  All 8 episodes filmed in IMAX.  That should be reason enough!  When the same 2 episodes get aired some 2 weeks later there will be portions that you didn’t see in the theatrical release. I’m thinking to keep everyone feeling like they are watching fresh material.

The show will focus the adventures of Black Bolt and the Royal family.  If you are still unsure of Black Bolt and his crew and what they can do, check these out.

ComicsExplained – The Inhumans (video)

Wikipedia Inhuman entry

Marvel Knights: Inhumans DVD (Motion Comic)

If you are a comic head and you’re looking to refresh your Inhuman knowledge.  Den of Geek has this 14 essential Storylines from the Inhumans to offer. Here.

Ok, ok enough with the links already!!


With the series being 8 episodes and also assuming Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.(AOS) stays with us for a 5th season.  I would have to think that we will see The Inhumans during the AOS mid-season break.  It was the same way Agent Carter debuted her 2 seasons for Marvel.  I rather like the gaps being filled in with other shows.  That way there isn’t ever a break from Marvel TV.  And it has been stated that this isn’t an offshoot or Spin-off from the AOS TV show.

I can hear the concern in your voice.  “It has to be visually stunning for this to work”.  “They can’t go all (AOS) cheap on the special effects.” For one, Season 4 of AOS has stepped it up in the Special Effects area of the show.  For two, I wouldn’t worry.  I feel like this is going to be epic. Marvel TV and ABC plus IMAX will all be producing so, that feels like we are going to have a bigger budget.  Plus when you’re talking 8 episodes that means more money per episode.  Good things.

Let’s just think a minute what type of Quality we’re looking at when IMAX is involved.


  1.  The Dark Knight & The Dark Knight Rises were both shot in IMAX.  Even Interstellar.  Once a director finds IMAX its hard for him to turn it down.  Ask Mr. Bay.
  2. Most of the Transformers films were in IMAX.  (Even though I dislike them they are still epic in scope).
  3. The Airport scene in Captain America: Civil War was shot in IMAX.
  4. Most documentaries are shot in IMAX to capture the vast world as it really is.  EPIC in nature.  A force to be reckoned with.  And that my friends is the Inhumans.

Allow me to leave you with the words of Dan Buckley, President of Marvel television, Publishing, Brand.

“We’re happy to see this unique deal come together, working with our partners,”  “In an ever-changing world of distribution and consumption, it’s very exciting to be part of a groundbreaking initiative that takes us to the forefront of this evolution.”

Me too Dan.  Me too.


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