The Inhumans Go Small Screen: Part 1

inhumans-royal-familyWell, actually they will start off with the largest screen possible.  IMAX film format.  But that can be discussed in Part 2.  First I would like to delve into what could have transpired to make this possible.

Let me in 2 sentences explain who the Inhumans are really quick.  Before time was counted the alien race Kree came to earth and experimented on Human Beings giving them Kree DNA originally intended to help them later on to destroy the Human Race if/when they decided to invade Earth.  The “Inhuman” race evolved in the shadows and as time went on they were led by their King “Black Bolt”.  Terrigenesis is the process of stepping through Terrigen Mists and “Mutating” to claim your birthright.  It’s a thing.  Anyway, Black Bolt and the Royal Family Medusa, Triton, Karnak, Gorgon, Crystal, Lockjaw and Black Bolt’s crazy brother Maximus The Mad deal with keeping their race safe and free from Dangers from the outside world.  Ok, that was way more than 2 sentences but, it’s not my fault.  They are a complicated bunch.

In October, 2014 Kevin Feige and crew went the unexpected route and announced the full Phase 3 movie slate at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.  It was like on a Tuesday.  It was Tremendous as I remember the news dropping.  Many movies were revealed that day to be “in the pipeline” at Marvel Studios.  One of those movies was listed to be released in November 28, 2018 by the Name of Inhumans.  At the time Feige commented “We really do believe the Inhumans can be a franchise or a series of franchise unto themselves. They have dozens of powers and an amazing social structure. With our 20th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we wanted to continue to refine what that universe is about.”  Think Game of Thrones mixed with X-Men.

Later on, in Season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. we see the first inclusions of Terrigenesis, Kree and ancient races later known as Inhumans.  I feel that this was being done to get people used to the terminology and what the Inhumans were about.  Because honestly, it’s a leap of faith that Marvel probably wasn’t ready or audiences may not have been ready for.

In February of 2015 Spider-Man came home to Marvel Studios in a deal with Sony that allowed Marvel to make the new Spider-Man movies if they could include him in the MCU and also include him in other movies as well.  With that insertion, the Inhumans release date changed again and were moved forward to November 2nd, 2018.


In April of 2016 the Inhuman train had seemed to come to a full stop when Kevin Feige announced that they were removing the movie from Phase 3.  Feige had this to say “Walt Disney Company has announced an Indiana Jones film for right around that same time. So I think it will shuffle off the current date that it’s on right now. How far down it shuffles, I’m not sure yet.”  It is still shuffling Kevin.  Every-day I’m Shuffle-ling!

Then Kevin gives us that sly Easter egg that we didn’t know was an Easter egg.  When he was talking to /Film and said  “I think Inhumans will happen for sure“ ,“I don’t know when. I think it’s happening on television. And I think as we get into Phase 4 as I’ve always said, it could happen as a movie. I think it would be super cool.”  How about Both of those for the WIN!  Which brings us to our Current situation.

There is speculation that Kevin Feige and his Studios side of things had issues with the Jeph Loeb and his TV side of things.  They have always touted that “It’s All Connected” but at times it doesn’t feel that way.  There was also speculation that since Kevin Feige moved out from under the thumb of Ike Perlmutter (When he started reporting directly to Alan Horn – Disney Studios Chairman) and that he had no interest in pursuing Inhumans.  What do I think?  That’s why you are reading this.

Kevin Feige – President of Marvel Studios

I believe that Kevin Feige was on board with bringing the Inhumans to the big screen and including them in the end game of Avengers: Infinity War 1 & 2 (at the time).  Even if Perlmutter was behind it.  I think there had to be something regarding character rights that Fox Studios controlled.  Inhumans did first appear in Fantastic Four and many other F4 issues after that.  Nobody is saying it but It could be possible.  Seriously, if Fox Studios has Kang the Conqueror (1st appearance was F4 too) then its possible they could have had something technical in the Inhumans.  Maybe they were rallying for some sort of compromise but a deal could not be worked out. (Possibly bringing F4 home?) and they went the route of TV for the Inhumans because Marvel owns the TV rights to them no doubt.

It’s not a bad thing.  The Inhumans IP has a myriad of characters to explore and that would be very difficult to do them justice even in a 3 hour movie.  FYI nobody wants to sit for a 3 hour movie.  I think they are best suited as an episodic method of storytelling.  I’m thinking Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, The Walking Dead all have great ways of exploring ensemble story telling.  Now, for part 2 lets look at the deal we are getting with them moving to the small screen.


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