Fantastic Four: Is on my MCU X-Mas Wishlist

Way back in August of 2015 we all got to witness the debacle and utter nonsense of one of our very favorite Family of super-heroes.  That disaster was none other than Fox Studios’ 3rd attempt to make a Fantastic Four movie.  What if the Fantastic Four franchise made it back home to Marvel Studios?  Indeed, what would happen?  What… could happen.


Character rights are a tricky thing.  The short and simple of it is that Fox studios owns the rights to ALL Marvel mutants and The Fantastic Four.  The deals are usually unique in ways that the public doesn’t know.  Heck half of the employees of Fox & Marvel don’t even really know the details.  That’s usually left up to the lawyers.  Characters owned by other studios have eventually came back home to Marvel such as Blade (once with New Line Cinema), Ghost Rider (once with Sony), Daredevil (once with Fox), The Hulk (it’s complicated), Spider-Man (he’s technically still owned by Sony) and finally The Punisher (once with New Line Cinema).  A part of some of those deals were that they had to start “production” on the movie within a certain period of time or the rights would revert back to Marvel.  In the case of The Fantastic Four, I believe that the fast track of the 2015 movie was pushed through for that reason.  The movie prior to it was released in 2007 so, that blew my 2 year theory out of the water.  So, who knows what Fox has to do to lose the Fantastic Four?  It certainly isn’t getting a movie out every 8 years.

The thing is this.  The franchise is busted at Fox.  The last movie is still sitting at 9% at Rotten Tomatoes. (here) Nobody, has an interest in rehashing that nightmare.  Actually, Fox could portray like they have “interest” to make Marvel seem like they have “interest” to make the property seem to have value.  But I very much doubt that they don’t want to put up another 120 Million Dollars and Domestically make 56 million again.


What are Fox’s options?

  1.  Try it again.  Recast the Fantastic Quad and start over anew.
  2.  Get Marvel on board with a Spidey like Sony/Marvel deal.  Where they don’t give up the Fam 4, but they enter the MCU and have Marvel run creative on future movies.
  3. Sell the rights back to Marvel.  Shoot they could try to up the dollar sign and Marvel still may bite.
  4. Start up their own MCU involving mostly X-Men and some characters from the Fantastic Four side of things.  (X-men & F4 really didn’t crossover that much in the comic books.  It’s really two of the worst combo’s you could get)

What are Marvel’s options?

  1.  Wait.  There has to be some sort of time limit on production start before these rights revert back.  If it isn’t anytime soon, honestly Marvel can continue to wait.  They’ve got franchises that they can focus on.  They aren’t hurting for characters by no means.
  2. Ask to buy back at a cheaper price.  It would be nice to have Silver Surfer (Fan 4 rights) in Avengers: Infinity War.  And it would also be nice to have Doctor Doom or Galactus as Phase 4,5,6’s main baddie. Marvel:  We will take the Fantastic Four off of your hands for 240 million dollars.  That is your production budget for your last movie.  You could pretend to have made 120 million profit on F4: 2 & F4: 3 if you wouldn’t have bungled the first one.  Make us wait and this price goes up.  Or wait, lose it back to us and get nothing.  Fox:  Uhm, OK sounds reasonable.
  3. Spidey/Sony type option.  I don’t like this option.  I’m not delving into it.
  4. Use some of their own characters for a trade.  Marvel: We trade you Squirrel Girl and the Great Lake Avengers for The Fantastic Four!  Fox:  Yes!  We can cast Anna Kendrick!

Something has to be in the works.  We wouldn’t have known about the Sony/Spider-man deal so soon if it wasn’t for the Sony Email hack.  Check this out.  Marvel is assisting Fox in creating Fox’s new TV show “Legion” (Xavier’s son).  Which Marvel Studios holds the TV rights to the mutants of Marvel btw.  The Inhumans have been put on hold.  Originally we were going to get an Inhumans movie and it looked like Inhumans were going to fill the void of “mutants” in the MCU.  Either they are on a “faith” hold or Fox is arguing that the Inhumans belong to them as a Fantastic four property. (They were very involved with the Fantastic Four).

I just want to see Reed Richards mixing it up with Tony Stark and Hank Pym (young Hank).  and I want to see Silver Surfer fighting Hulk in a gladiator arena.  More than anything I want to see the entire Avengers roster plus the Fantastic Four fighting against Doctor Doom and Galactus.  Make it happen Marvel.  Or don’t… the balls really in your court.


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