Twitter Reacts: To Tom Holland Cast as the MCU’s Spider-Man

Welcome to the MCU Tom Holland & Jon Watts!  As of Tuesday (6-23-15) Marvel Studios dropped the bomb on the internet by announcing the Spider-Man casting will go to Tom Holland & Jon Watts will direct the standalone 2017 Spider-Man solo movie.

Still nothing official has been said to when we can expect to see him for the first time.  It will be either Doctor Strange or Captain America: Civil War and my bet (as well as everyone else’s) are on the latter.

To get some insight on Holland I would check out “The Impossible”.  A Spectacular movie that really showcases him as an actor.  Other movies that he’s been in our “Locke”, “How I Live Now”, & 6 episodes of “Wolf Hall”.  This year he also has a movie coming out with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) called “In the Heart of the Sea” and finally this year a thriller called “Backcountry” starring nobody of importance.

As for Jon Watts his resume is slightly smaller but I would say it’s diverse.  He’s been directing since 2001 with the most notable mention (in my opinion) is 12 episodes of The Onion News Network which says to me that he can direct comedy.  In 2014 the impossible to find “Clown” and finally in 2015 a movie that I really want to see starring my favorite 6th Degree actor, Kevin Bacon in “Cop Car”.

But Mr. Watts is not what I’m focused on today.  I wanted to go over the many different reactions to Tom Holland’s casting ranging from the good to the bad and some just plain deluded.  This will be a small collection and I’m sure Tom will have more congratulatory tweets in the days to come.

Let’s start with the Good:


That’s Nice.  Ewan McGregor was in “The Impossible” with Tom.  Showin some love.  Not bad.


Ron Howard is currently directing him in the movie “In The Heart of the Sea” like I mentioned above.  Nice Ron.


It wouldn’t be right if Captain America didn’t welcome the new Spider-man to the friendly Neighborhood.JonBernthal1

The new Punisher jumps in to the Wish well too.  Ok.  I like this guy already.  Hells Yeah!DanSlott1

If you don’t know that’s the Writer behind The Amazing Spider-Man since 2008.  He knows a thing or two about ole Webhead.  Oh you should check out those video’s too.  They are pretty badass.

Now with the Bad:

Starting with the people that for some reason are tired of watching Spider-Man movies.




I’m thinking that these people among MANY others were just trying to be funny?  Because if not I could just tell them to not worry and “DON’T WATCH THE FRIGGIN’ MOVIE IF YOU DON’T WANT TO”  I’m pretty sure your not being webbed down here.  Too many Spider-Man movies?  Really?  5 is too many?  Well, then there are way too many Bond films, Too many Middle Earth films, too many Superman films, too many Star Wars films etc. I think you get my point.  If their anger is directed towards a fear of origin story.  Don’t worry Kevin Feige has said that Spider-man has been around in the MCU for about a year now doing his thing.  If it differs from the norm I’m sure that it will be handled quickly and painlessly.  For those that don’t like that he’s so young.  They wanted to have Spider-man in High School because in the other movies he just doesn’t stay in High School that long.  Graduated by the end of the first Raimi film and graduated in the beginning of the second Webb film.  So since Spider-man has many stories to explore in High School they want to capitalize on something we haven’t seen.

You definitely can’t get away from the Miles Morales supporters.  Who 75% of these people most likely haven’t even read a Ultimate Spider-Man issue nor do they understand what “Ultimate” means.  They just know that Spider-man is a minority so that sounds like something to cry about.  Others just want their race represented in a comic book.  That I understand but, Peter Parker will never be another race.  Unless its like alternate universe type stuff.  That is why we have Miles.  Ya know we also have a Spider-man from India too right?  Also a pig named Spider-Ham.  Peter Porker has all avenues, races, genders covered.  Miles Morales just won the keys to the Main Spider-Man title in the upcoming All New All Different Marvel line so, haven’t ya heard of the eating of the cake saying?



and then there’s this guy…


Really, the reactions were all over the place.  My reaction is that I’m glad they went young because as Feige said they wanted someone to play Spider-Man for a long time.  Like Harry Potter.  Since they don’t believe in reboots over at Marvel Studios we won’t ever get the tired origin story.  Finally we will be getting good Spider-Man stories based off the source material and Tom Holland is a very good actor to have won the part.  Congrats Tom.

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