My Marvel Heroes Diary for 4-26-14: Random Hero Box #9

My Marvel Heroes Diary for 4-26-14: Random Hero Box #9

It’s the Big 10 Week and it’s probably the best time to be playing Marvel Heroes.  Biggest event so far actually.  Big 10 means that it is Marvel Heroes is 10 months old and they are throwing together 10 of the most popular events that we’ve had so far this year.

It doesn’t stop their folks!  on the start date of this event 9 codes were dropped to make our lives easier.  The big one’s to take away from this are the Free Random Hero and the Free Random Costume.  It’s truly random.  The last time I got a free Random Hero box (#8) was for the Marvel Madness appreciation they did last month.  I got a duplicate Scarlet Witch.  Just for the record #7 was a dupe too and it was Thor.

Here are a list of the codes.  Enjoy!  Actually, if you would like to bookmark this website —->  They are really good on keeping this stuff up to date.

04/25/14 SPRCNDY2 Spring Candy Boost Awards spring candy boost to inventory
04/25/14 InfiniteRetconWeek Retcon Device Awards Retcon Device to inventory
04/25/14 RNDMCSTM FREE Random Costume Awards FREE Random Costume to inventory
04/25/14 RNDMHRO FREE Random Hero Awards FREE Random Hero to inventory
04/25/14 PEWPEWPEW Triple Iridium Bar Awards triple iridium bar to inventory
04/25/14 VENGEANCE Triple Iridium Bar Awards triple iridium bar to inventory
04/25/14 REDWHITEBLUE Triple Iridium Bar Awards triple iridium bar to inventory
04/25/14 NOTASKRULL Triple Iridium Bar Awards triple iridium bar to inventory
04/25/14 FASTBALL Triple Iridium Bar Awards triple iridium bar to inventory


So, before I opened up my Random Hero Box, I cleared everything else up like getting my free cube shards together just so I could get some Rarity/XP boosts.  I can’t complain I guess, last month gave me the Wolverine DOFP costume.  So….  Here I am ready to open ‘er up and wait!  If I get a dupe I didn’t want one for Cable yet so, I went to ole trusty.  Iron Man so, that if I did get a dupe I got an upgrade for his ultimate power.  Scarlet Witch definitely doesn’t need another, she’s got 3 thus far.

I opened up and…

Captain America is Hero Number 20!!!










After that gem of Awesomness, I continued and opened the Random Costume box and Got…

Cable: Original Costume

Not my favorite costume, but what can I say… when you get a costume in this game you don’t complain.  You rejoice.











As we continue on with this awesome week of prizes let me give you a rundown on what to expect.

Big Ten Events Include…


  • Don’t Fear the Reaper Bonus Loot Rotation – The popular bonus loot challenge rotation is back! All this week major bosses in different areas of the game will drop significantly better loot! Make sure you check out the schedule here!
  • Luck of the Draw – That’s right, our random Buy One Get One Hero AND Costume sale are back! Purchase ANY individual Hero or Costume and get a random Hero or Costume respectively. Visit our “Luck of the Draw” FAQ for more details.
  • Egg-quip Yourself for Easter – Egg Hunt, Egghunter’s Gift & Easter Basket (SATURDAY ONLY!) Daily Gifts. Collect eggs dropped all throughout the game to turn into Hank McCoy for incredible rewards.
  • More Cowbell Saturday – Login Saturday and receive the awesome Cosmic Cow King Crate (SATURDAY ONLY!)
  • Winter Holidays – A Holiday Daily Gift will be granted each day containing a chance at Eternity Splinters, Odin Marks, or Shards
  • Fortune Favors You – Free Fortune Card each day (starting Saturday April 26) + 20% OFF all boxes of Fortune Cards!
  • Saint Patrick’s Day – Pot of Gold Legendary Recipe & Legendary Rainbow Gifts every day
  • Australia Day – Pyro buffed and holiday drops (including the valuable Koalas)
  • Valentine’s Day – Cupid’s Arrows, daily Valentine’s Day gifts and holiday drops
  • Lunar New Year – Red Envelope Daily Gift and more holiday drops

Current Hero Levels & Count (20/32)

Black Widow: Level 1

Cable: Level 25

Captain America: Level 1

Cyclops: Level 37

Daredevil:  Level 34

Deadpool:  Level 50

Emma Frost:  Level 31

Hawkeye: Level 30

Hulk:  Level 4

Human Torch: Level 30

Iron Man:  Level 60

Jean Grey:  Level 34

Luke Cage:  Level 31

Ms. Marvel: Level 31

Punisher: Level 1

Scarlet Witch: Level 32

Spider-Man:  Level 30

Storm:  Level 31

Thing:  Level 39

Thor:  Level 30

Time Played:  493 Hours per (and 2 costumes have dropped for me since the beginning which one happened to be a dupe of the one I was wearing at the time.)

Sound good? Ok then. If you would like to play this game go to and download the client. After installing the client from there you will go through a game download. It’s lengthy (10GB) so, give yourself some time. Also, if you would like to play with me, look me up BigJD. Happy Gaming!

Check out my Page Here where I break down my character/costume drops.  There’s Pictures!!  Yay!

Check out my Directory for “My Marvel Heroes Diary


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