Fantastic Rumor, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Flop

Fantastic Four is coming… again.

With the amount of rumors and speculation that has followed this movie it’s really hard to actually tell where this movie is going.  Just recently news hit the web about the 4 main characters being cast.  Even then it seemed like rumor but the actors that were implicated have more or less said it’s for real so I guess there’s no turning back.  Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch, Kate Mara as The Invisible Woman, Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic & Jamie Bell as “The Thing”?  yeah, ok.  I have yet to see anything from Fox Studios in the way of a confirmation

It is a broad range of what can happen with this movie.  It can either go straight to the toilet or possibly a really great comic book movie.  And I say that with a mysterious look on my face because we really know nothing about this movie.  Anything concrete anyway.  Fantastic Four has so much potential to be really great and for me it all starts with the casting.  That was a major point of disappointment during the last two tries from Tim Story.  I won’t get too much into that but besides Michael Chiklis & Chris Evans everyone else was horribly cast.

So, I wanted to go through all of these supposed rumors of everything that we supposedly have heard around the web.  Josh Trank has debunked most of these via his Twitter account but he has said that one of them is true.  Let’s list these by order of importance to me.  I won’t mention the old rumors we had way back about Bruce Willis as The Thing or more reports of The Thing being all CGI.

  1. Michael B. Jordon as Johnny Storm:  I love Michael B. Jordon.  I’ve been a fan of his since Friday Night Lights and really thought he should have gotten an Oscar nomination for his work in Fruitvale Station.  But I have to plead with everything that is sane.  Do not cast him as Johnny Storm.  Secondary roles can have a color blind casting and it wouldn’t matter as much.  Johnny Storm is a main character.  I firmly believe that if it is a white character than a white character needs to be cast.  If it is a black character then it needs to have a black actor.  British or American does not matter; it is the look is all that I’m concerned with.  Johnny Storm is white.  I expect to see a blonde headed white guy in there catching fire.  I am not racist in any way shape or form.  These are basic needs that are needed to have a good Fantastic Four movie.  Then everyone brings up the whole Joker / Heath Ledger casting.  Really?  Yeah, it was a good casting but honestly he didn’t rep the source material that well.  His portrayal made everyone forget that they totally deviated from the source material of The Joker.  The whole series was in left field but he made that series watchable.  Because if it wasn’t for Heath then the whole Nolan-Bat vision wouldn’t have worked out so well.  Only because it honored very little to the source material.  But for every Heath Ledger you have a Jennifer Garner as Elektra.  Or Jessica Alba as Invisible Woman or even Tom Hardy as Bane.  These are examples of horrible character casting and the movies have failed because of it.  One thing that all of these have in common is that they tried to change who the character’s race.  Elektra should have been Greek or at least looked the part.  Invisible Woman should have been a white chick.  Bane should have been of Mexican/Spanish decent.  Back to the matter of hand.  Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm would not only be a bad decision for the character it sets the movie up poorly as well.  Because then it would have to start messing with origin stories.  Changing those up just isn’t a good idea.  If you want to make a movie about 4 individuals that get special powers than go make your own movie like that.  You can cast whoever you want.  Just leave the Fantastic Four alone.  Michael was recently quoted as saying “Nah, they’ll go see it anyway” which is probably true.  Not because of his casting but because it’s a Fantastic Four movie.  He has also said that people with my disposition are “narrow-minded”.  To that I say you are narrow minded sir.  You see this as a HUGE paycheck and why would you think otherwise?  Money is money and its green.  Basically anyone that is standing up for this ridiculous casting is trying their best not to step on toes and accidentally be labeled as racist.  It drives me crazy hearing people say “ah well, I don’t have a problem with it, Michael is a great actor”.  True is a great actor but this is not his part.  Hollywood trying to break ground.  Well, Hollywood If I decided to make a Walt Disney movie and cast Jackie Chan as Walt what would you say then?  Well, Jackie is a great actor?  Or would you say it was ridiculous?  People want a Fantastic Four movie any way they can get it.  This casting is keeping it from being great.  …and a few other things too I guess.
  2. Casting younger characters such as Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic:  Ok, going younger has been a recent trend as Spider-Man just went younger a couple years ago.  Hollywood thinks, well we need to reboot so, lets go younger to hit a wider demographic.  I don’t like that Idea because it messes with the characters once again.  How am I suppose to believe that Reed Richards is one of the 8 smartest people on the planet if he looks like he needs a hall pass to be in the library right now.  Seriously.  Reed = 30’s.  Sue = late 20’s early 30’s.  Ben = 30’s.  Johnny = 20’s.  That’s how it should be not Reed, Sue, Ben & Johnny = Teens.  As for the “true” rumor that Trank debunked.  It is probably the one that Miles tested for the part of Mr. Fantastic that didn’t at the time but then eventually did.
  3. There was a supposed synopsis leaked online that was said to be the synopsis of the movie.  It was something like Ben & Reed get powers on and somehow get owned by the government and used as weapons.  They later on meet up with Sue & Johnny that also have powers.  Well, the only thing I have to say about that is that you can’t mess with the original origin story for The Fantastic Four.  It can stay very vague as well.  It doesn’t have to be exact.  4 (correctly cast) individuals go up into space and are hit with cosmic rays giving them special powers.  When they arrive back on earth they learn that they have these powers and decide that they need to use them to save lives.  Easy as that.  They could face a mole man or see some skrull’s I wouldn’t be mad about that.
  4. Josh Gad as Ben Grimm (Thing):  I actually don’t have problems with this rumor.  This confirms past stories that Thing will be CGI which is great in my book because having him possess so much strength in such a small body just didn’t make sense to me.  If Josh Gad can do a raspy Jersey man than sure.  I’m down.
  5. Is Doom a girl?:  Ok, I don’t even want to speak to that rumor.  That’s stupid.  If Dr Doom was a girl I would write letters to have this movie boycotted.
  6. Filming begins in March?  Ok, so it’s late February now and casting has supposedly just been announced but they are going to start filming in March?  Doesn’t make sense.  I’m guessing that the actors have already been cast.  Why else would you wait so long to cast your parts.  Unless you plan on postponing your movie because you want to show that it’s in a pre-production stage?  (to hold on to rights)

With ALL of that said… like I said it’s really hard to say how this movie will turn out.  I’m not a “hater” on M.B. Jordan I just want a good casting.  I’ve seen too many bad CB movies to think studios really know best.  Other actors will always support each other so, you won’t hear any truth coming from them.  When it comes from the public it’s “fanboy” talk and quickly ignored.  So, here’s to an actual good Fantastic Four movie coming in 2015.  Good Luck!

Let’s hope it’s better than this piece of “unreleased” garbage.

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