My Marvel Heroes Diary for 2-26-14: Eternity Splinter Hero #2

My Marvel Heroes Diary for 2-26-14: Eternity Splinter Hero #2

*road to The Punisher*

It has been almost ONE Month since my last post.  Not too much has happened but let me give you a run down anyway.  During this time I took Luke Cage and Leveled him to level 30 and about halfway through leveling him I got this wild hair to get Iron Man to level 60.  He was level 50 at the time but I was really wanting to know what it felt like to have a hero at level 60.  It’s nice actually but no rest for the weary. (unleveled).  Pretty much after I got Iron Man to level 60 I started back to work on Luke Cage.  I got him were I wanted him and I still had like 30 some E. Splinters to get before I could get The Punisher (400 es)  I decided to work on leveling Deadpool towards 60 during that time.  Might as well right?  You get that extra SIF bonus.

It’s been really fun as of late with all of the holiday special stuff like Australian Day where we got Koala & Australian flag tokens to use at our crafters.  As well as Chinese holiday were we got a Chinese Lantern  & dragon statues to use at the crafter as well.  We also had Runewords and an Enchanter Crafter added to add even more LOOT depth to this game.  The extra items helped level mine up to 13 already.  But Runes are pretty rare.  The only place they really drop for me is in X-Defense.  (if you’re having problems finding any…)

Finally today I was able to accumulate 400 Eternity Splinters and purchase The Punisher.  In the title says “#2”, well if you remember Black Widow was my first Splinter hero purchase.








The Punisher is Hero # 19

Finally I get to show off my Punisher – Marvel Now! Costume too!

Now, I believe I will take the short route this next time and go for the Random Hero Box.  (175 es) If I get a dupe then I get a dupe.  I need that immediate satisfaction.  Waiting a month is torture.  Then after I dupe that one maybe I’ll save up for the next one.  Who that will be is still up in the air.  During that time I will attempt to level Spider-Man to level 30.  I would like to have his Dodge Synergy bonus.


Current Hero Levels & Count (19/29)

Black Widow: Level 1

Cable: Level 1

Cyclops: Level 36

Daredevil:  Level 32

Deadpool:  Level 38

Emma Frost:  Level 31

Hawkeye: Level 30

Hulk:  Level 4

Human Torch: Level 30

Iron Man:  Level 60

Jean Grey:  Level 34

Luke Cage:  Level 31

Ms. Marvel: Level 30

The Punisher: Level 1

Scarlet Witch: Level 31

Spider-Man:  Level 10

Storm:  Level 31

Thing:  Level 39

Thor:  Level 3

Time Played:  421 Hours per (and 2 costumes have dropped for me since the beginning which one happened to be a dupe of the one I was wearing at the time.)

Sound good? Ok then. If you would like to play this game go to and download the client. After installing the client from there you will go through a game download. It’s lengthy (10GB) so, give yourself some time. Also, if you would like to play with me, look me up BigJD. Happy Gaming!

Check out my Page Here where I break down my character/costume drops.  There’s Pictures!!  Yay!

Check out my Directory for “My Marvel Heroes Diary


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