My Marvel Heroes Diary for 7-6-13: Thing Vs. Juggernaut

Thing Vs. JuggernautJuggernaut vs Thing

I started off the night doing a few Dailies with Iron Man.  To get shards so that I can get a fortune card.  That didn’t last long due to my rested XP still not fully charged.  So, I went to Thing and started milling around the Old Trainyard in Chapter 5.  Seeing how it is about his Power Level.  I wasn’t even planning on fighting Juggernaut but it was actually a Great match up!  The two hit hard and didn’t give much ground to one another.  Anyway, after Givin’ Ole Juggy the back hand of Yancy Street I got another Hero Drop.  Seriously!  Another one!  My luck is Phenomenal this week.  I really can’t believe it.

Ms. Marvel is Hero Loot Drop #4

I was jumpin’ up and down!  Ms. Marvel is one of my favorite’s and I’m really glad I got her.  I really didn’t get far as in leveling up ole Blue Eyes but that will come later.  With this luck I really need to go buy a lottery ticket.

Current Hero Levels:

Cyclops: Level 9

Daredevil:  Level 7

Hawkeye: Level 8

Iron Man:  Level 32

Jean Grey:  Level 9

Ms. Marvel:  Level 1

Scarlet Witch: Level 1

Storm:  Level 1

Thing Level 19

Sound good? Ok then. If you would like to play this game go to and download the client. After installing the client from there you will go through a game download. It’s lengthy (10GB) so, give yourself some time. Also, if you would like to play with me, look me up BigJD. Happy Gaming!

Check out my Page Here where I break down my character/costume drops.  There’s Pictures!!  Yay!


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