My Marvel Heroes Diary for 7-3-13: Apollo’s Ahelluva Bug!

Apollo’s Ahelluva Bug!Apollo is a helluva Bug

6-30-13:  In Chapter 7 there is a mission called “The Great Bug Hunt” where you are destroying the many type of oversized Bugs that inhabit the Savage Land.  The final bug that you must find is called The Apollo Bug.  It is located in the Mutate Marsh and randomly appears anywhere on the map.  So after many times logging in to mill around the Mutate Marsh’s I stumble accross a Hero Loot Drop.  Yay!  and what do you know, it was Scarlet Witch!  I got her from a random spawning of some normal Mutate Brawler’s.  I was hella suprised!  You can also best believe that I didn’t save her back.  I activated her at once this time.  Seeing how I still have my “Mystery Egg” taking up space in my STASH inventory.

Scarlet Witch is my Hero Loot Drop #2

I have still yet to receive a Costume drop but I’m sure that will come in due time.  Also, it is said that the Mystery Egg will be a starter hero when it hatches.  I only have 1 more starter hero to obtain and that is Storm.  So, here’s to crossing my fingers that Storm will be my next obtained character.  If all starters are obtained then it will be a fortune card.

So back to my Bug Hunt.  About 10 minutes after getting Scarlet Witch I stumbled upon the Apollo Bug.  So awesome!  Well, he wasn’t too terribly tough.  I killed him pretty easily with another hero that was running around as Wolverine.  He’s ahelluva bug because he is hard to find.  I would say he is just like love.  Once you stop looking he will find you.

I haven’t had a chance to try out the new patch that was implemented yesterday 7-2-13.  But word is that you can Respec your hero’s power points because some Defensive buffs were made to most of the heroes.  Very excited to get back in to play.

7-3-13:  Update!  Just played for a little while and got my 1st costume Drop!  I got it through random Hydra Agents on my way to fight The Mandarin in Chapter 8.  Yuup!  Thor – Destroyer Armor Costume.  Sure did!  I don’t have Thor yet but I will hold on to the costume until he drops one of these days.  I can’t showcase it in my Heroes/Costumes page but I can list it there.  🙂

7-3-13:  Update 2!  Played my first Daily mission and fought Shocker.  Costume Drop #2!  What!  Seriously!  That is Amazing!  What a great day this has turned out to be!  Iron Man – Mark IV Armor as seen in Iron Man 2.

Current Hero Levels:

Cyclops: Level 7

Daredevil:  Level 7

Hawkeye: Level 8

Iron Man:  Level 29

Jean Grey:  Level 9

Scarlet Witch: Level 1

Thing Level 17

Sound good? Ok then. If you would like to play this game go to and download the client. After installing the client from there you will go through a game download. It’s lengthy (10GB) so, give yourself some time. Also, if you would like to play with me, look me up BigJD. Happy Gaming!

Check out my Page Here where I break down my character/costume drops.  There’s Pictures!!  Yay!


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