My Marvel Heroes Diary for 6-15-13: Hawkeye is #1

Hawkeye is #1

Hawkeye - Hero Drop #1

Number 1 Hero Drop that is…  I got him from a mini-mission with some dudes with flame throwers (yellow type) in a burning apartment building in Wretched Slum.  It dropped and I knew right away.  I was so happy I jumped up, ran and told my wife and she pretended like she cared.  So, then I stopped playing my Iron man at the moment and took Hawkeye through the very first level just because I hadn’t played with him since beta.

He hasn’t changed much.  I think his arrow attack got stronger but for the most part remains the same.  Hawkeye is the very first character that I had tested with as well when the closed beta was still going strong.  I like his range a lot.  You can sit there and nail guys in the corner of your screen before they start beatin’ feet after ya.  Once they get too close you got a nice little “kick” that not only pushes em back but does nice damage.

I think this chance may be due to the effect of the increased special item drop that was updated in their last major patch.  And also the fact that I have Iron Man with 14% special item find.  And he had fully rested XP.  I can go into the things that increase your rate in another post.  For now I celebrate Clint Barton aka Hawkeye.

So, at this point you are caught up with my progress of this wonderful game. I will try to add posts to keep you informed on the game and my progress as well. I don’t think I will be making posts like. “Defeated Shocker!” or “Leveled Iron Man to level 12” ya know nothing like that. I don’t have that kind of time. But mainly character/costume drops, Game developments, new characters, and miscellaneous things that may happen to me while playing this game.

Sound good? Ok then. If you would like to play this game go to and download the client. After installing the client from there you will go through a game download. It’s lengthy (10GB) so, give yourself some time. Also, if you would like to play with me, look me up BigJD. Happy Gaming!

Check out my Page Here where I break down my character/costume drops.  There’s Pictures!!  Yay!



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