My Marvel Heroes Diary for 6-10-13: Pym’s Crafty

Pym’s Crafty

Pym's Crafty - 3 things and a devil
Pym’s Crafty – 3 things and a devil

Hank Pym is a crafting vendor in Marvel Heroes.  You take him all of your unwanted gear & elements.  I suggest you donate your gear to him due to the fact that the other vendors while you can level them up too, it just isn’t worth it.  Pym can put affixes on your costumes (defense or offense).  He can change blue gear to purple gear.  He can also take purple gear and change the owner without unbinding.  He can even make up some potions such as Med Packs, Larger Health serums, damage serums, and a movement serum.  He’s full of suprises.  He can take level 1 elements and make them level 2 and etc. (every 3 makes a higher level).  If you’ve made a mistake you can split the elements as well as unbind any Armor, Weapon, or Artifact.  I’ve heard that it is best to get him to level 10.  (donate gear to him to make the level rise)  I’ve got him at level 4 and I think I’m good for now.  But if I were to give you one tip right away?  It would be to save your blue’s & purple’s.  You can use them for your current character and then hand them down to new characters as you progress.  Hero Hand-me-Downs.  

So, I haven’t had much game time this week thus far but, I know that I’m still struggling on finding any gear with Special Item Find.  Why?  Here’s why:

You need to find purple gear that has a Rarity Find bonus affix.  This will in turn help you find gear that has an affix bonus called “Special Item Find”.  This will help you drop new Characters & Costumes.  Since that is my #1 mission in this game I am making this my priority.  BUT, like I said I am having a hard time finding all gear that have rarity bonus.

I’m not sure of total game time but I’ve been playing for 9 days without an actual character or costume drop as loot.  I’m trying to better my chances but I do have to say that it is frustrating.  I thought it would be just a bit easier to get character/costume drops in this game.  At first they said that they will drop during boss fights.  Well, if that’s the case I’ve beaten 24 bosses.  without a major drop.  I will keep on keepin’ on.  Actually, I had a dream recently that I unlocked the character “Black Panther”.  Is it bad that I’m having dreams on this game too?  Probably.  Well, we will know if I’m Nostradamus or not by the time I get my first character drop.

Sound good? Ok then. If you would like to play this game go to and download the client. After installing the client from there you will go through a game download. It’s lengthy (10GB) so, give yourself some time. Also, if you would like to play with me, look me up BigJD. Happy Gaming!

Check out my Page Here where I break down my character/costume drops.  There’s Pictures!!  Yay!


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