My Marvel Heroes Diary for 6-7-13: The Introduction

Marvel Heroes is a game that I’ve waited for entirely too long. Back in 2006 there was a trailer released for “Marvel Universe” a new MMO that was in development. Since then I was all eyes and ears waiting for it to happen. Well, things went down the tube with that developer and in 2009 Gazillion entertainment signed a deal to make not one but two games for Marvel. Both of them being MMO styled games. The first one was Marvel Super Hero Squad which was adapted from the cartoon and action figures. It was more kid friendly but it kind of filled that emptiness I needed. But it eventually fell short for me due to the extreme “child” game play. Not to mention it was really difficult to obtain heroes without breaking the bank. My daughter loves it though. The second game that Gazillion was due to create was Marvel Heroes. As soon as they started updating through Facebook & Twitter I was all over it. In fact I found their website before the website was even announced. Yeah, I’m that nerdy for this game.

At first I wasn’t too keen on the game’s visual perspective. It reminded me a lot of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2. I loved those games but it just wasn’t what I was expecting when the term MMO was being thrown around. This game is actually an Action RPG/MMO but seeing the character sheets released and learning more about the creator David Brevik helped turn me on to this Diablo-esque style of game. . I was so excited I wanted to support the Development team so I opted to purchase an Iron Man Starter Pack in January 2013. This gave me direct access to the Iron Man character with the Extremis Armor as well as an alternate costume (Silver Centurion Armor). Not only that but I got in game currency as well as some XP & Rarity Find boosts. But I had to wait for the game to launch to use them. Not as long as others would though. With the pack I also was entitled to play 2 days earlier than launch date participants. On February 14th 2013 they gave back to the community that had purchased founders packs (Starter Pack) during that first round of promotions by giving away Cyclops (Astonishing Costume) & Jean Grey (Phoenix Costume) as a Valentine’s Day Bonus. We also got 2 alternate costumes for each character as well. (Cyclops – 90’s X-Men Costume, Classic Costume) (Jean Grey – Black Queen Costume, Dark Phoenix Costume) You could say that I was quite excited by this point but again, I had to wait.

The closed beta testing had commenced and I was doing everything I could to get in. They offered Beta keys everywhere and I was right there every time but failing to get one … every time. One time was all I needed and that time came eventually. I watched a new video posted on Youtube by Red Team Gaming Sibcoe. One of the many times I tried to catch glimpses of video and talk about the game. He was giving away one beta key in his video and when it popped up I was like “surely, the key has been used up”. “ah what the hell, I’ll give it a shot” and it worked! I was officially a closed beta tester. Being a beta tester definitely was trying. I attempted to go in and test specific things and keep up with notes and stuff but found myself having fun and losing sight of testing things I wanted to. By the time the second “wipe” came around I had felt like I just needed to wait until launch. It does get frustrating playing a game knowing that your progress will be wiped. Even if it is for “testing” purposes. I provided a lot of feedback to the dev crew, and I’m proud of that. Although having the game experience and watching the game develop was something I would do again if I had the choice. They have come a long ways.

So, the official launch day was on June 4th 2013. I got to play on June 2nd. I was so excited! Thank you goes out to my wife for putting up with me at that time. …and giving me game time. I started out by choosing “Thing (Classic Costume)” as my free starter hero. There were 5 starting heroes to choose from Thing, Storm, Scarlet Witch, Daredevil, & Hawkeye. I felt that I needed a bruiser/tank character because I had all ranged characters already. I had played with him in beta so I knew that he was going to be a power house. Shortly after finishing my first mission I received another character as a reward. I was stoked! Daredevil (Modern Costume) was the reward that I was very happy to receive. Now, with 5 playable characters I didn’t know who to level up first. Yes I did! Since Iron Man was my first, he will be the one leading the pack.
I gave him most of my leveling XP defeating boss after boss. Lower levels mind you.

I sent out messages to all my friends telling them about this awesome game and how excited I was about it. Most of my friends don’t play a lot of games. So, I didn’t get many reply’s. This sucks for me when I want someone to play with. I also get the fact that not everyone is a comic book fan. What? Really? Yes it is true. I got my dad to play but, his computer doesn’t support the game. He was disappointed. So was I. He needs just a tad bit better Video card. Anyway, you don’t have to have your buddies play it’s just nice to play with someone you know. You can pick up random people at ease with this game. Although a friend of mine (Rick) messaged me back on Launch Day and said he was “in”. So, later on we played together for a couple hours beating up random mobs. Before too long it had gotten too late and I had to call it a night. Damn that sleep!

On June 5th, was partnering with Gazillion for an Iron Man – Heartbreaker Armor Costume giveaway. This costume was featured very shortly in the Iron Man 3 movie. All you had to do was register for an account and claim your giveaway key. Enter it in at the Marvel Heroes website (redeem codes) and it was yours. Spectacular! I tried it out and man, it is awesome. Purely cosmetic but it still sets you apart from the crowd. I love FREE.
Last night I came across a dilemma regarding my “in game currency”. My first thoughts were to save it until I made it through the game once so that I could find how many characters dropped. That way if I thought the drop rate was too low then I would pick up 1 or 2 characters at that time. Well, that was before I ran into the limited space of the S.T.A.S.H.. (a place to store your loot items) I was given 1 general tab & my personal tab for Iron man. I bought an extra tab on day 1 for crafting. I thought that I should be able to “get by” with that. My general tab had already grown immensely so to the point that I only had like 5 spaces left. My Iron Man tab was quite bare but it was nice to have a separate space to put his costumes and specific items. And my Crafting tab was about 1/6th full. So, getting to my dilemma… Get more STASH space or get a couple more heroes. Last night I decided that STASH was the priority since those will never open up for free. The heroes will eventually drop for me at some point. I picked up an extra General tab as well as a personal Cyclops tab. I would have gotten the Jean Grey tab but I was 50 G’s short.

You know, last night’s game time also taught me something else. I always knew that you needed to keep your Green/Blue/Purple items but I never really did. I found that you can use crafting elements with your Blue items to make them Purple items. As well as crafting with your Purple items to make them more substantial Purple items. I’m sure it continues to go up in level from there. I also, learned this. If you have someone like Daredevil for example (playing in game) and you are crafting one of your Blue Iron Man Boots into a Purple item then it will not be crafted into Iron Man item. It will be a Daredevil item. Yeah, that threw me off too. But I got over it. Now I know.

So, at this point you are caught up with my progress of this wonderful game. I will try to add posts to keep you informed on the game and my progress as well. I don’t think I will be making posts like. “Defeated Shocker!” or “Leveled Iron Man to level 12” ya know nothing like that. I don’t have that kind of time. But mainly character/costume drops, Game developments, new characters, and miscellaneous things that may happen to me while playing this game.

Sound good? Ok then. If you would like to play this game go to and download the client. After installing the client from there you will go through a game download. It’s lengthy (10GB) so, give yourself some time. Also, if you would like to play with me, look me up BigJD. Happy Gaming!

Check out my Page Here where I break down my character/costume drops.  There’s Pictures!!  Yay!


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