My Top 10 Most Wanted Heroes (Marvel Heroes ARPGMMO)

The Marvel Heroes Video Game is turning out to be an awesome one and it hasn’t even been released yet.  So far they’ve released 26 playable characters with many more to come.  This is going to be my ongoing list of what characters I want to see in the game.  Many more than 10… trust me but ya gotta start somewhere.  Also, after that you will find a top 10 of the most wanted “costumes” for the already confirmed characters.

My favorite part of this game is obviously the playable characters and the different costumes that each may wear.  The characters as well as the costumes can be found throughout the game.  Free.  Or purchasable in the game store if waiting isn’t your style.  Some costumes are said to be ONLY available as “drops” in the game.  There are also “exclusive” costumes that you can only receive when you meet certain criteria.

For More information and to register on this Free to Play game go to

So far we are looking at a Spring 2013 release date.

LAST UPDATED:  3-12-13

1. Silver Surfer
2. Gambit
3. Black Bolt
4. Ghost Rider
5. Man-Thing
6. Blade
7. Moon Knight
8. Sub-Mariner (Prince Namor)
9. Doctor Strange
10. Nightcrawler

Here is a current list of the confirmed characters along with their alternate costumes that will be playable.

1.  Captain America (Original, Avengers Movie, Classic, Steve Rogers Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Reborn, The Captain

2.  Iron Man (Classic, Silver Centurion, Mark VII Avengers Movie, Stealth, Extremis, Iron Man Movie Mark II, Iron Man Movie Mark IV, Iron Man 2 Movie Mark V, Iron Man 2 Movie Mark VI, Mark I, Marvel Now! )(Exclusive: Iron Man 3 Movie Enhanced – w/purchase of the Ultimate Founders pack)

3.  Spider-Man (Modern, Classic, Future Foundation, Scarlet Spider)(Exclusive: Symbiote Enhanced – w/purchase of the Ultimate Founders pack)

4.  Thor (Modern, Destroyer, Marvel Now!)

5.  The Thing (Modern, Fantastic Pants, Future Foundation)

6.  The Human Torch (Modern, Red)

7.  Storm (Classic, Mohawk, Modern)

8.  Hawkeye (Classic, Avengers Movie, Modern)

9.  Daredevil (Modern, Shadowland)

10.  Scarlet Witch (Classic, Romani, The Crossing)

11.  Colossus (Modern, Classic, Marvel Now!, Phoenix Force)

12.  Rocket Raccoon (Marvel Now!, Modern)

13.  The Punisher (Modern, Trench Coat, Classic)

14.  Nova (Modern)

15.  Emma Frost (Modern, White Queen)

16.  Jean Grey (Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, Marvel Now!, Black Queen, 90’s X-Men)

17.  Cyclops (Classic, 90’s X-Men, Astonishing, X-Factor, Marvel Now!, Original)

18.  Cable (Armored Cyborg, Modern, Classic X-Force)

19.  Black Panther (Classic, Wakandan Tech)

20.  Deadpool (Modern, X-Force, Sheriff, Unmasked, X-Men, Pirate)

21. Hulk (Classic, Gray, Planet Hulk, Mr. Fixit, Avengers Movie) (Exclusive: Maestro – w/purchase of the Ultimate Founders Pack)

22. Wolverine (Modern, Days of Future Past, X-Force, Brown, Patch)(Exclusive: Weapon X – w/purchase of the Ultimate Founders Pack)

23. Sqirrel Girl (Classic)

24. Black Widow (Classic, Avengers Movie, Original, Gray Bodysuit)

25. Luke Cage (Modern)

26. Ms. Marvel (Agent of S.W.O.R.D., Modern, Classic)

…and finally my top 10 most wanted alternate costumes for the released/confirmed characters.

1. Colossus (Cyttorak Powered)
2. Spider-Man (Iron Spider)
3. Daredevil (2003 Movie)
4. The Punisher (Captain America Tribute)
5. Luke Cage (Power Man)
6. Iron Man – Hulkbuster
7. Black Panther (The White Tiger – Kasper Cole)
8. Spider-Man (Scarlet Spider – Houston, TX)
9. Black Panther (American Panther)
10. Spider-Man (2099)

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