MTV changes it’s Name to “RTV” (Reality Television)

No.  Not really.  Your so gullible.

I remember a time when you could turn on your tv and go to a music channel to watch music video’s.  MTV was the channel of choice back then.  It didn’t matter what time of day either.  Now, you couldn’t catch a music video on MTV to save Kurt Loder‘s life.  Hold on, I can’t blame MTV fully.  The same goes for VH-1, BET, and the whole purpose for MTV-2.  Huh, that’s all over folks.

I guess, if you want to watch music video’s you could just go to or but honestly why should I have to?  How am I suppose to know when Young Jeezy releases his new video?  Maybe they are expecting the public to develop ESP?  What ever happened to the “World Premiere Video” event?  Michael Jackson had a few that I could remember  … but sadly those premiered on NBC along with premiere’s from DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.  (It helps to have a sitcom.)

We use to just have MTV playing in the background acting as ambiance.  Of course, it wasn’t music 24/7 as I remember it.  They had show’s too.  But, they were at least geared/related towards music.  One of my favorites was “Yo! MTV Raps”.  Classic.  Kurt Loder would pop in or whoever was guest VJ’ing and give you your hourly dose of Music News.  … First!  

Reality Television has dominated MTV since early on.  Real World.  Hell, if it wasn’t for the success of Real World & Road Rules then we probably wouldn’t be seeing all the Reality TV out there today.  Thanks for that MTV.  …not really but now I know what E-Famous means.

What a Novel Idea.

In 2010, they dropped the “Music Television” from their logo.  It wasn’t at that time they decided to ween themselves off of music.  That was happening slowly as they got more popular.  Well, change your name I say!!  The WB did it.

This year’s MTV programming Lineup includes:

1.  Jersey Shore

2. Real World: San Diego

3.  I Used To Be Fat

4.  Chelsea Settles

5.  Ridiculousness

6.  Death Valley

7.  Cuff’d

8.  Good Vibes

9.  DISconnected

10.  When I Was 17

11.  Teen Mom

12.  Beavis & Butthead

13.  Awkward

14.  10 on Top

15.  Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory

16.  I Just Want My Pants Back

17.  The Challenge: Rivals

18.  Seventeen Magazine’s “Pretty Amazing Contest

19.  Teen Wolf

20.  True Life

21.  MTV’s 16 and Pregnant

22.  America’s Best Dance Crew

23.  My Life As Liz

24.  World Of Jenks

25.  The Hills

Not ONE of these shows has anything at all to do with MUSIC!!  You could argue that “America’s Best Dance Crew” has music IN it but is more focused on dance than anything else.  Even when they brought Beavis & Butthead back to us they failed to bring back one of the things that made them popular.  Them watching video’s and commentating them.  The VMA’s?  How in the world can they continue to air this?  Are they just hoping that the public has had the clairvoyance enough to find these mystery video’s that are being nominated?  OR are the voters only voting on the song’s themselves.  Which in part destroy’s the whole reason for the “Video” … “Music”…  “Awards”.

An old musician once said “Video killed the radio star“.  Well, now I’m saying Reality TV killed the Video Star.

It really, doesn’t bother me that much.  Only when I think about it.

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