Batman: A Video Game History (Top 5)

With Batman: Arkham City coming out October 18, 2011 I thought that now would be a great time to look at Batman’s history in video games.  Instead of going through every single game that Batman has been in I thought that it would be even more amazing if I did a TOP 5 FAVORITE game list starring none other than BATMAN!!!

From 1986 to present day Batman has starred in 26 games.  With 2 more games being released by 2012.  That’s just “Starring” roles.  You can add 8 more games to that number just to have him “Featured” in a game.  (he even has 6 mobile phone games to top it).  Let’s just say he’s a very popular DC Comics character.  Before we begin, I want to say that the games I will be listing are games that I’ve played and I don’t have it in my top 5 then it means that I haven’t played it… yet.


Lego Batman: The Video Game (2008)

Game System I played it on:  PS3

The whole “Lego” game phenomenon is duly in part of the Star Wars games really taking off.  They started branching off and trying different characters and Batman was a lucky candidate.  In this case I didn’t feel that it was a good thing.  I use to like Lego’s, I mean I was a kid once too ya know.  But Batman & Robin running around as Lego’s I felt was super corny and it felt like I was just running around the whole time.  I wasn’t too impressed.  I could have easily made “Batman Returns (1992-NES/SNES)” my number 5 but I really wanted to bad mouth this game so, I made an exception.  I hated it.


Batman Begins (2005)

Game System I played it on:  PS2

After watching the movie I was super psyched to play this game.  Graphics looked decent for the time and I really wanted to be immersed into this grand new world of Christopher Nolan.  The best thing and the worst thing about this game is that you used “fear” to question your enemy.  It is cool at first because you never really do that in games but after a while it becomes a bit repetitive and boring.  Another cool feature that you don’t get to do in many other Batman games would be to drive the Batmobile (Tumbler).  It’s pretty cool.  In my opinion this was a pre-cursor for Batman: Arkham Asylum.


Batman Vengeance (2000)

Game System I played it on:  PS2

This was a random play for me.  At this point in my gaming career I had only played a couple Batman games that I actually liked so, I wasn’t expecting too much.  So, when I saw that they used “The animated series” as the game design.  And they brought Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill as well as the other voice actors from the cartoon series.  Graphics were fine but the combat and 1st person thing bothered me.


Batman: The Video Game (1989)

Game System I played it on:  NES & Gameboy

One of my All-Time favorite video games starring the man in the cowl.  I remember that I got this game for like 50 bucks or something when it first came out and I played the crap out of it.  From the intro to the Joker confrontation I loved this game all the way around.  Even the music sticks with me to this day.  They really did something right here.  The game reminds me of the NES game “Ninja Gaiden” which I never really found that fun.  Maybe just having Batman the character was enough.

The same year also saw the Gameboy version of this game released.  One of my Wife’s favorite games.  Yes, my wife does have a favorite game!   If she denies it just know that she loves this game deep down.

The game was pretty simple in nature but sometimes that’s what make games fun.  That and the nostalgia factor.  Ok, I’m gonna be honest here.  does Batman look like a midget in this Gameboy version or am I just trippin.  Oh, and if you like pulling your hair out this is the game for you. 🙂


Batman:  Arkham Asylum (2009)

Game System I Played It On:  PS3

No Drumroll??!!  Anyway, my all time favorite Batman game and for good reason too.  Not to mention the many awards it received and the Guinness Book of World record it holds.  This game again brings back the same voice actors from the animated series.  I think they’ve found a winning combination there.  Honestly.  But 1st and foremost the game had an excellent story.  It wasn’t based off of any movie or cartoon series.  They actually had Paul Dini come in and write the story based off of old Batman comics.  OMG! they used Source Material!  Genius!!  There are so many plus sides to this game that I’m going to fail to mention them all but here we go.  Combat system kicked ass!, Riddler trophies were fun and hard to find, The villains were a plenty, Killer Croc stage was intense as well as the Scarecrow level, The arkham history was great, Combat levels are hard but I never stop trying, Playing as the Joker? AWESOME!, The Replay value is out of this world.  I still play it today.

So there you have it!  5 of the best games that Star Batman in my opinion.  “But JD you said you hated Lego Batman.” Yes, Yes I did.  That’s why I threw in that double shot from 1989 to confuse you.  I’m sure I could add a few more games to this list and make it a top 10 but there’s only one Batman game on my list to play and that will be after October 18th my friends.  I’m sure it will vault up to #1 easily if it’s anything like Batman: Arkham Asylum.


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