The Dark Knight Rises… could result in the fall of Nolan?

Question:  JD, How in the world can you even make a speculation like this when the film hasn’t even finished production yet?

Answer:  Well, to be honest I really can’t.  But I just did so, how can that be explained?

It is becoming an expected thing for “photo’s” to leak or find their way to the internet from a movie that hasn’t even completed.  Actually, they use to be “leaks” but now the studio’s are releasing these photo’s way before wrapping the movie just to create buzz.  I see no problem with it in some cases but they have to realize that sometimes it may be the wrong thing to do.

This is one of those cases.  The final entry in Christopher Nolan‘s world of Batman, The Dark Knight Rises has taken some heavy criticism in its lack of waited anticipation.  Not because we know the movie is going to stink but because the stuff we are seeing is not worthy of creating a fuss over.  Nor does it entice me to get “excited”.

Let me first state that Christopher Nolan is an extraordinary director and everything he touches turns to gold.  The epic feel and depth in story within his films is what sets him apart from other similar directors such as Michael Bay.

One of the first photo’s to hit the ‘net was of Bane.  Played by Tom Hardy.  The back-breaking villain had everything I needed to sell me on a kick ass film.  He was big, menacing and the mask was right.  I was pretty excited at this point.  I mean the anticipation from even before The Dark Knight even came out was “who is going to be the villain for the next one?”.   Bane was a good choice.

Everyone saw the trailer for Batman: Arkham City and saw that Cat Woman was a playable character and that spurred the rumor mill for the movie.  Then we find out that Anne Hathaway would be playing the feline thief.  But was she going to be New Style or Old style?   I remember that I told a friend one day that I was just waiting to see Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman and that they had to drop a pic at some point soon.  2 days later they did.  I think everyone was just as eager to see how they would make her look, just hoping that Nolan would get it right.  We’ve only had 1 good Selina Kyle and Michelle Pfeiffer was the Cat.

The photo was passed around like a bad case of the cold.  Totally what I wasn’t expecting.  Long hair, not very cat-like suit, and those super-techy glasses?  Really?  Maybe it was a bad pic to showcase her.  Anne Hathaway surely defended it.  Here.  Saying “You haven’t seen nothin’ yet!”

Then more pic’s of Bane showed up probably to douse the fire but this time full action shots.  Which had me thinking “wow! this guy looks nothing like Bane.  Is this pre-venom Bane?   Along with that came the video footage leaked of this imposter performing some sort of speech but with this 80-year-old British man voice.  This is where I saw the Dark Knight Falling.

Now, before you go ape on me.  Yes, I do understand that it was recorded as an unfinished product and they possibly wouldn’t even use that scene.  But the problem is that I can’t “un-see” it.  I can’t erase it from my head until I do see the movie.  Will other’s be that lucky?  Or will they be thinking to themselves while watching “oh my god!  They didn’t change anything!  this character is so ridiculous!”.

The photo’s that have been released by Warner Bros. are on purpose.  Don’t they screen these pic’s with some normal joe’s before releasing them to the public?  If not, then maybe they should start.

I won’t even begin to comment on these few pictures that have surfaced recently.  Oh, wait.  Yes I will!  C’mon this is just plain silly!  are you trying to tell me that security is so bad in a Christopher Nolan flick that people are getting these crazy closeup shot’s of this guy?  If anyone is seen taking pictures they should be re-directed with a boot in the ass!  Right?  or is it cool to see these horrible pictures of a character that is taking us out of the realm of make-believe.  What is this guy doing anyway?  Announcing the first pitch at a baseball game?

I have even seen Brian Michael Bendis support the movie to be stopped.  Yes that’s right… stopped.  Twitter has a trend called #andclosethefuc**ngsettodarknightrising.  Maybe Mr. Bendis doesn’t want to see Batman fail like he did with Batman & Robin.  WB still made money on that flick so, I guess that isn’t a true argument.  But that movie was F’ing horrible.

The Twitter trend is pretty blunt and to the point but it is just one of the many reactions running rampant after these photo’s have been released upon the masses.  Nolan still has plenty of time to clean this up and get this turned around.  Right?  I’m sure the movie will be great and we are just overreacting over some bad security.  Let’s hope.  Not for Batman’s sake, because this is it for him until the Reboot word comes up.  Let’s hope for Superman’s sake because even though his movie is being directed by Zack Snyder C. Nolan is overseeing the project.  Let’s hope they do better with this.

Oops! WB just released a picture of Superman in full suit!!  Here we go!

***So, what do you think?  The more leaked photo’s the better?  Or do you think they should leave it all up to the imagination?  Let me hear ya! Just click “comment” up above***  (also, remember you can subscribe to this blob over to the right)


3 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises… could result in the fall of Nolan?”

    1. Well, I don’t think he’s gonna buff up any more than this. They are filming now. Unless there is some later stages of Buffness that we won’t see until the movie.

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