Marvel Universe MMO… Finally! …wait, not yet?

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Imagine playing a video game where you can play as any Marvel Character.  Roaming around in a virtual Marvelous world filled with other Marvel heroes/villains.

World of Warcraft, prepare to be taken down a notch.  Yeah, that’s right I said it.  Marvel’s MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game will take a good chunk of your players.  You may have doubt.  Let me tell you why you shouldn’t doubt the Marvel Train.

This story begins with a popular game you might remember called City of Heroes.  I was a subscriber and I loved it.  It got a little old after awhile.  That’s probably why you could see players creating characters after their favorite Marvel Heroes.  It wasn’t a problem for me because I love Marvel any way I can get ’em.  But once Marvel heard of it a lawsuit was issued.

After some time had passed, in a sort of “deal”, Cryptic Studios began development on a game called “Marvel Universe Online“.  By 2008, the game was cancelled due to Marvel not believing that the game that Cryptic Studios created would be able to compete with other MMO’s in the industry.  There may have been other reason’s as well but, nothing to note worthy.  Cryptic had all the work done so, they went ahead and released their game without the Marvel characters attached.  It was called “Champions Online“.  I really haven’t heard much from it in terms of popularity so, Marvel was probably right to jump ship.

So, then my dreams of having this virtual Marvel Universe seemed to disappear in hopelessness.  Until I ran across a news articleGazillion Entertainment had signed on to do 2 Online games for Marvel. in a 10 year contract.

1. Super Hero Squad Online

2. Marvel Universe

It was back! My hope had been renewed!  But first, I had to wait for them to release their first title before they began work on the important one.  So, I waited and then Super Hero Squad Online was released in 2011.  I was actually a beta tester for that one.  I’ll save my opinion’s for that game for another post.  We’ll just say that it was a tease of what I really wanted.  That, and I had to be 4 years old to truly appreciate it.  My daughter loves it though…  Big ups! Nice Job!

Here is what we know from the game of the future: Marvel Universe

Brian Michael Bendis is writing the game script.  He has said that they are going to use stories that have already taken place in the Marvel U.  From Classic to present.  Brian has penned such comics as the House of M, Secret Invasion, and Ultimate Spider-Man among others.

-It will be a Free To Play model.  Which means that you could probably play some of it for FREE but then to get access to other area’s or features a price will be attached.

-Playable character’s thus far include Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, Nova, Deadpool and Squirrel GirlDoctor Doom will be the game’s primary villain.  With someone as obscure as Squirrel Girl being confirmed it has to mean that there will be many more to follow.  They have said that the game will launch with the most playable characters ever released in a game to date.  I’m looking for Many character’s to choose from here.  Possibly with different outfits to boot!

-The game now is only going to be available for the PC.  They have said that they are looking into consoles as well but, that is TBA.

-To be released shortly after The Avengers movie hits theatres in 2012.  As if I needed to wait any longer.  I’ll expect a delay.

-It’s a little early to start having “cons” about this game but I do have one.  There has been no mention of “customization”.  In something this big they could let the public customize the many outfits the hero’s have worn over the years.  This gives them (dev’s) less work and the public more creative freedom.  It’s what people want today.  Just ask Media Molecule.  If they are afraid that the outfits wouldn’t resemble or just wouldn’t be good enough then they could have each one go through an approval process.  Either dictated through the public or the developers.

Here’s to hoping that this is game is nothing short than perfect.  I’m sure you’ll hear from me once this game is launched if it is or isn’t.

In the meantime:  Check these links for continued coverage Forum post (check here for the 2 released pictures so far)


3 thoughts on “Marvel Universe MMO… Finally! …wait, not yet?”

    1. There’s always that possibility.

      Worse case scenario… Marvel doesn’t “beat” WoW but in fact take all of it’s players and WoW has to close down. They wouldn’t have “beat” them but taken them out of the game in the late stages of life.

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