Who Has Made More Money Star Wars or Star Trek

The Most Money Made?This is almost like Coke vs. Pepsi, Playstation vs. X-Box, or Christian’s vs. Catholics.  The ongoing issue with who is better.  Well, I don’t want to specifically say that one is better than the other.  (Although I am on the side of the force)  I just want to answer a question that was posed to me.

Let’s start with the Movie’s.

The Star Wars Feature movies have made a total of 4,327,000,000 billion dollars in box office sales.  That’s a pretty hard feat to beat.  The Star Trek Movies (all 11 of them) have accumulated 1,013,325,741 billion dollars in box office sales.  So, we can see the clear winner there.  Star Wars only had 6 movies compared to Star Trek’s 11 movies and almost beat them by 3 billion dollars.  That’s not even counting the DVD sales and VHS sales that followed… not to mention the Blu Ray re-issue of the Star Wars Collection.


Star Trek Started way back in 1966 with their first appearance on television.  Everybody’s favorite Horny Captain James T. Kirk.  I swear he made out with anything that moved.  I’m sure that if he had ran into Princess Leia then there would have been some major problems.  Problems that would have left the good Captain armless courtesy of a Wookie we all know and love.  It’s hard to say how much money that it generated in terms of $’s but I can say that this is there area of expertise.  With Six Television series under their belt they’ve lasted from 1966-2005 with more to come I’m sure.


I have to give this one to Star Wars too.  Star Wars Merchandise has been estimated to nearly 22 billion dollars.  That was in 2007 so, I’m guessing there’s has been a jump since then. 

Star Trek Merchandise has definately been around but it is more collected than sold actively.  There were toys in short supply so, they were collected and passed around from Trekkie to Trekkie, so again even though I can’t find anything to support it I’m sure that open market sales Star Trek fell short there too.

There you have it!  Star Wars is the Big Winner!  You would be doing great too if you had George Lucas on your side.  He can milk a rock for a million dollars.  I’m sure of it.  The fight will continue amongst fans but at least you all know now who the real “force” is when it comes to that Paper!

3 thoughts on “Who Has Made More Money Star Wars or Star Trek”

  1. We know Star Wars would win that 1. However, there wouldn’t have been a Star Wars without a Star Trek 1st, in my opinion

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